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  • Omochao no longer appears at the gate to greet you.
  • The Chao's stats that could only be viewed via the VMU can now be viewed in the game itself.
  • The Chao Kindergarten was given more features, such as the Black Market and the Fortune Teller. (Black Market was originally available through the Sonic Adventure 2 website, which could be accessed on the main menu of Sonic Adventure 2.)
  • Items that needed to be imported from Chao Adventure 2, such as seeds, can now be bought at the black market.
  • The Chao Doctor gives a full report of your Chao's personality and favorite food.
  • The VMU port was replaced with a GameBoy Advance port. It can be used to transport Chao to the Tiny Chao Garden on Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2. They can also be transported to Sonic Pinball Party. In addition to importing Chao to the GBA, the port can also be used to release Chao or move them to another memory card.
  • Chao Karate is added.
  • The background music for the Chao Lobby was changed and replaced with the Chao Race Entrance music in Sonic Adventure. The music used for the Dreamcast version was used for the Chao Cave instead. Also, the Chao Race entrance background music changed. The music used for the Dreamcast version was used for the Game Boy Advance port instead.
  • The layouts of all three Chao gardens were changed. The river that was in the Hero Garden and the cave that was in the Dark Garden were all removed.
  • The Tiny Chao Garden minigame can be downloaded from the game to a GBA.
  • The characters attacks were removed to prevent the player from accidentally hitting their Chao. Though, Sonic can still use the Bounce Attack while Tails, Eggman, Knuckles, and Rouge's attacks can still be selected via the mini menu.


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