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  • Sonic's statue is still using the dreamcast model.
  • The shower room's textures were drastically changed.
  • The 'SHOWER ROOM' sign is thicker and uses a texture instead of reflective letters.
  • The lights around the lion aren't affected by fog in the GameCube version.
  • In the ring vault a slope was changed into three steps.
  • The fog was reduced.
  • Sonic can no longer get into Knuckles' area.
  • Upper walls in the main hall now have collision.
  • The textures of the walls in Dilapidated Way were changed,the trash piles were made greener and the map was given a blue fog.
  • The water is no longer green.
  • Some of the walls on the SONIC Pinball table were changed.
  • Sonic is no longer pinball-colored in neither the SONIC or NiGHTS table.
  • The textures on the borders of the NiGHTS Pinball table were changed.


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