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Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Sintax
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Game Boy Advance
200x NT$? ?

Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic, known simply as Fighter Sonic on the title screen, is an unlicensed platform game for the Game Boy Advance by Sintax, and is one of many known reskins of an unlicensed Game Boy Advance platformer Digimon Adventure. This pirate appears for sale on eBay occasionally. Most, if not all, graphics are taken from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2, but with less animation frames. The music that plays on every stage is from Soul Falchion, another bootleg game.

Due to heavy copy-protection, the ROM was not dumped for several years until it was finally dumped by RibShark on May 21st, 2020.[1]


The player controls Sonic the Hedgehog through a total of four levels. There is an attack button (A) which causes Sonic to throw projectiles that look like him in his Spin Dash form. There is also a jump button (B). Holding Up and pressing B causes Sonic to jump higher. Using the attack button in mid-air causes Sonic to stop in mid-air. This move can be used to cross long gaps and pits, not to mention land on a moving platform.

There are Rings throughout the levels, but they are not used for survival, though collecting 100 Rings will still award an extra life. Sonic does not lose Rings when hit, rather he has a health meter that can be refilled by collecting fruit. There is a score counter which is increased in various ways. Enemies are defeated by either using the projectile attack, or by jumping on top of them.

Unlike most Sonic games, the game is not fast and focuses on platforming. The game's engine, audio and level layouts are shared with Digimon Adventure and other unlicensed platformers developed by Sintax and suffers from a number of bugs, particularly with the audio.


SonicFighterSonic3 LostCity.png
Lost City
This is an ancient ruins level with pillars and temples set high in the sky. It is largely a vertical level where the player must jump on moving clouds to reach higher places. Uses graphics from Angel Island Zone (Sonic Advance).
SonicFighterSonic3 AirGarden.png
Air Garden
This level has a tropical theme with grass, sunflowers, palm trees, and other trees. Like Lost City, it is another vertically-oriented level where the player has to jump up platforms. Uses graphics from Neo Green Hill Zone (Sonic Advance).

This level also has a boss section in which the player fights the Egg Frog, using level graphics from Angel Island Zone (Sonic Advance). The Egg Frog teleports around the arena, dropping bombs erratically.

SonicFighterSonic3 AlpSnowfield.png
Alp Snowfield
This is a level set in the snowy mountains, so snow is prevalant. There are also pine trees, and mountains can be seen in the background. Unlike the previous levels, this level is a horizontal level in which the player needs to move to the right, and is filled with bottomless pits. Most of the Rings in the level are high up in the sky and require the player to jump across moving platforms to reach them. Uses graphics from Ice Mountain Zone (Sonic Advance).
SonicFighterSonic3 CoastAisle.png
Coast Aisle
This is a horizontally-oriented grass level with flowers in various places, and spike beds that the player has to cross by jumping over them or by riding platforms. Uses graphics from Leaf Forest (Sonic Advance 2).

This level also has a boss section in which the player fights the Egg Bomber Tank, using level graphics from Ice Mountain Zone (Sonic Advance). The Egg Bomber Tank moves back and forth at high speed, periodically shooting bombs at the player.


Physical scans

Game Boy Advance, TW
Sonic3FighterSonic Box.jpg
Sonic3FighterSonic Cart.jpg


Download.svg Download Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic
File: Sonic 3 - Fighter Sonic (Unl) (Eng) (YJ restored).zip (5.87 MB) (info)

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 8e0a9112
MD5 415ce33cab064fb6bb2961bb91ba26ea
SHA-1 b3855ceae35152b8a98c882777f040ac2aa93926
32 MiB Cartridge True ROM size is somewhere between 3 and 4 MiB, but a dump of the full 32 MiB address space is required due to esoteric mirroring.
Editing the ROM is required due to the copy protection locking out some areas, and Nintendo logo being corrupted.

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  1. @RibShark on Twitter (Wayback Machine: 2020-05-22 14:49)

Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic
SonicFighterSonic3 Title.png

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