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Common bugs

The following bugs are common across all known versions of the game:

Fall through platforms

Sonic 7 fall in platform.png
Sonic 7 fall in move platform.png

It is possible for the player to randomly fall through platform objects, whether they are moving platforms or platforms that fall when stood on (most noticeable in the desert level and the flying battery esk zone).

Not fixed in any version.

Glitchy animations

Sonic's animations may be glitchy at times.

Not fixed in any version.


SonicAdventure7 GBC CrashBug1.png
Sonic jumps off the platform as it falls and bounces of an enemy and, it crashed.

The game can crash (mostly in the desert level but can occur in any level).

Not fixed in any version.

Missing objects

S3DB5 GB MissingEnemies.png
Hey, where did the enemy go?

Sometimes, objects don't show up. If the object in question is necessary for progress, such as a platform or the Signpost, the level can become impossible to complete as a result, forcing the player to lose a life and restart the level which sucks because there are no checkpoints.

Not fixed in any version.

Spike bug

Sonic 7 spike bug 1.png
Well dang, hit a spike...
Sonic 7 spike bug 2.png
...oof, hit another spike, about to die...
Sonic 7 spike bug 3.png dead.

Sonic will bounce off of spikes akin to the Spike bug from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Not fixed in any version.

Sonic Adventure 7 and 8-specific bugs

Uncoloured objects

SonicAdventure7 GBC LevelClear.png
Hey, the sign is still black and white.

While most sprites were given colour in the transition from Sonic 3D Blast 5, not all objects are coloured, such as the Signposts at the end of every level, or the springs, rings, and platforms.

Fixed in Pokémon Jade.

Resilient Badniks

Sometimes Badniks can take multiple hits to defeat.

Not fixed in any version.

Control Change (may be a bit of a stretch)

Jump with Bbtn.png instead of Abtn.png. May not be intentional and is a bug created while creating Sonic Adventure 7.

Not fixed in any version.

Pokémon Jade-specific bugs

Crash at signpost

Pokémon Jade (which only loads on Hhugboy) crashes at a signpost with the error: "Unkown Opcode! PC:cd1b, opcode:e3 bank 0"

Not fixed in any version.

Emulator specific bugs

Level art vanishes when loading savestates

Sonic 7 savestate.png
Uh oh, the level art vanished, all because of a savestate.

Loading a savestate when not in a level make the level have no layout art, but object art still exists.

Not fixed in any version.

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