Sonic & Silver Sonic

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Sonic & Silver Sonic
Latest release date: 2000
Engine: The Games Factory

Sonic & Silver Sonic is a fan game made in 2000. It only has 1 level and a very simple boss fight. After the boss fight, there is some hilarious dialogue between Sonic and Silver Sonic.


Again Dr. Robotnik tries to destroy Sonic with hi's robots and Eggmobniles but now he was created something new... Gold Sonic and... Silver Sonic! and... Silver Knuckles Metal Sonic! and... Metal Knuckles and... Mecha Sonic! And Mecha Knuckles and Black Mecha Sonic & Black Sonic no more... Oh! Wait a minute! There is something more!... And what is it?


Silver Sonic: Wait.
Silver Sonic: I' team up wit you, if you fix me! Please!
Silver Sonic: I' don't want to die!
Silver Sonic: I' tell you where Robotnik are!
Sonic: ?!?! You want to team up with me?!?! Don't be silly! I' can find Robotnik myself! I' don't need your help!
Silver Sonic: But but...
Sonic: Go away!!!
Silver Sonic: Robotnik have a surprise for you!
Silver Sonic: New Sonic robot!
Sonic: What?.... New Sonic robot! Tell me!
Silver Sonic: He is the biggest Sonic robot ever! And he are in place called "Cave of Death"


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