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Sonic's Friendly Nemesis Knuckles #1
Cover date: July 1996
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1996-05-01[1] $1.50 ?
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Sonic's Friendly Nemesis Knuckles #1 is the first of a three issue limited series published by Archie Comics. It would be reprinted in Knuckles the Echidna Archives Volume 1.

Official solicitation


Rites of Passage!

Continued from issue 36.
Mobius contains numerous wonders, including the mysterious Floating Island, containing the Chaos Emeralds. These Emeralds are protected by Knuckles the Echidna, who comes from a long line of Echidna guardians. The Echidna culture, once a technologically sophisticated society, has since disappeared, replaced by wilderness in the Floating Island, all that remains of their group. However, beneath the great Mount Fate lies clues to this past.

Knuckles the Echidna is exploring the vast catacombs of the ancient culture located deep within the Floating Island in his continuing search for the Chaotix and Archimedes. Despite looking ancient, these catacombs are filled with numerous booby traps, both high-tech and conventional. The only way for Knuckles to cross the room would involve activating at least one booby trap. Hence, he decides to improvise a way through. He jumps up quickly and starts gliding through the room at a fast pace, activating, essentially, every single booby trap located in the catacombs. Despite the numerous weapon emplacements, falling blocks and thrown Shurikens, Knuckles glides through unscathed. He grabs a hold of a weapon emplacement and uses it for leverage to keep gliding, still avoiding the other traps. He then drops down to the ground, nearly falling into a bottomless pit, then jumps again, avoiding a falling block. Jumping at another weapon emplacement, he notices a flamethrower take aim. He glides away quickly, letting the flamethrower destroy the emplacement.

He ducks down to protect himself from the explosion. He gets up, having escaped all the booby traps, thinking to himself how he got himself into this mess. He recalls the events leading up to his arrival in the catacombs under Mount Fate, including Archimedes capture of the Chaotix, Archimedes taunting of him for the past few weeks, and his discovery of Mount Fate which led him to remember the rise and fall of the echidna culture. He believes that these catacombs are where Archimedes is hiding the Chaotix.

Hearing a rumbling noise, Knuckles looks back, noticing a large boulder rolling down the catacombs right for him. He runs down the corridor in the catacombs as fast as he can, with the boulder getting closer and closer. He reaches the end of the corridor with an opening. He jumps through the door-like opening, escaping the boulder. The force of the impact causes the remaining top portion of Mount Fate to explode. Knuckles takes a look around the new room he is in, which contains numerous doors. He chooses a random door and opens it, revealing a concussive blaster that his culture used to dig the complex he is in. He takes it with him, just in case he needs it. He approaches another metal door that refuses to open. Unknown to Knuckles, the exploded portion of the Mount Fate has revealed a mysterious figure...

Knuckles feels the door, realizing that it is too strong for him to destroy with his own strength. With the blaster in hand, he takes aim and fires on the door, successfully destroying it. At the same time, the mysterious green figure blasts out of his crater and into the night sky.

With the blaster in hand, Knuckles passes through the destroyed door as Archimedes' voice booms through the catacombs. He asks him again, whether his friends are important, or the threat to his island. Nonetheless, Archimedes commends Knuckles for his ability to go so far, even to turn the catacomb's defences against themselves. The voice gets louder as he arrives at a corner. He keeps his guard and turns the corner with the blaster at ready...

Knuckles discovers the Chaotix all happily eating at a dinner table, and the mysterious Archimedes smiling with joy on a monitor. Archimedes, a small red ant, is on the table being magnified on the monitor by a video camera. Knuckles asks if they are alright, as the Chaotix mention that their host, Archimedes, has been more than gracious, as they are served more food and drink by his workbots. Vector offers some spareribs, but Knuckles would rather want answers, as he has finally found the man who has led him on his journey. Archimedes commends Knuckles on his ability to think, especially in determining where he was hiding. Knuckles starts putting two-and-two together, realizing that Archimedes had reactivated his ancestor's workbots to kidnap the Chaotix, and to now serve their needs while awaiting for Knuckles. As Knuckles goes over everything he has gone through to find Archimedes, the unknown green lifeform enters the catacombs, passing all the security systems Knuckles destroyed.

Two more issues confuse Knuckles: he is curious as to how Archimedes disappeared from the Chaos Emerald chamber when they first met, and how he carved his name in solid granite. Despite his small size, Knuckles thinks there's no way he can disappear...witnessing, in surprise, as Archimedes disappears in a puff of smoke right on the table in front of everybody. The green lifeform is getting closer to the group, passing the chamber full of doors. Archimedes, meanwhile, reappears behind Knuckles, claiming that his disappearing act is merely smoke and mirrors. His ability to carve in granite is his ability to control fire, which he shows, nearly incinerating Charmy Bee. Knuckles is not impressed, angry at what he has had to go through, but Archimedes claims that he should be, as it was his people that saved his ancestors in the past from Dimitri. The unknown green being enters the chamber, claiming that Archimedes is right, that he had thwarted his plans. Having been entrapped in Mount Fate, he has learned and evolved to become much more...

The green being, now covered in an extravagant wardrobe and mask, claims himself to be Enerjak, and no longer the one known as Dimitri. Archimedes has heard of Enerjak, a legend of great evil. He tells everybody to back off, but Knuckles isn't convinced it is Dimitri, as he was destroyed by the fallen Mount Fate. Enerjak snickers at Knuckles, reminding him that he has the power of eleven Chaos Emeralds, making him indestructable. All the Chaotix and Archimedes team up and rush at him, to put his terror at an end. Before they can even get close to him, Enerjak projects a green aura that stops the whole group in their motion. He propels them away and sets them all in a frozen state, bringing them back.

With any resistance defeated, Enerjak announces his dream of conquest, despite the loss of Echidnapolis. Planning to use the Chaotix for his own deed, he decides to give Archimedes and Knuckles a different fate in return for the deeds of their ancestors. He propels them far away, outside of the catacombs. They land face-first in the middle of a desert on the Floating Island. They get up, now out of the frozen state, unknown as to where exactly they are. Nonetheless, they expect they have a long walk home.

Other features

  • Knuckles Art
    • Two pieces of fan art, one photograph
  • Pin-up
    • Map of the Floating Island
  • Knuckles Sandwich

Production credits

"Rites of Passage!"
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Sonic's Friendly Nemesis Knuckles
KnucklesMiniSeries Comic US 1.jpg

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