Sky Chase Zone

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Sky Chase Zone

Sky Chase Zone
Ninth level, Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: sky
Maximum rings: 67 + 0
"Sky Chase" redirects here. For the Sonic Adventure levels, see Sky Chase Act 1 and Sky Chase Act 2.

Sky Chase Zone is the ninth zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The entire level is auto-scrolling, with Sonic standing on the Tornado, which will move with Sonic. If you jump to hit a badnik, Tails will fly in and keep you from falling. Half way through the Level, you will fly right by Robotnik's Wing Fortress.

Because it is auto scrolling, some players believe it is very frustrating due to the fact that they cannot go back and collect rings that they have missed, and also because it is a much slower paced level than the earlier, more linear levels. However, there are others who believe it to be easiest, for the same reason. All that needs to be done to complete the level is to survive, which just means jumping when a badnik comes!

Instruction Manual Description

Robotnik has escaped to the sky! Sonic's a wing-walker (and "Tails" is his pilot!) in a perilous battle above the clouds!

Sonic 2 US Manual, p. 16


  • Nebula - Spherical enemy with a small propeller, drops a spiked ball on Sonic when he moves underneath it.
  • Balkiry - Bird enemy, flies horizontally at high speed.
  • Turtloid - Turtle enemy, fires small missiles at you. Once the little turtle is destroyed, the large turtle can be used as a platform.

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