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SegaSonic Network
Current owner(s): SSNTails
Type of site: Audio, video, fan art, hacks, parodies
Created on: 1996
Current status: Offline

The SegaSonic Network, or SSN for short (not to be confused with Sonic Showcase Network), was a Sonic the Hedgehog fan site owned and operated by AJ Freda, also known as SSNTails. The site was in operation through the years of 1996 through 2001, and hosted a wide variety of other Sonic fan web sites, including the first Sonic Amateur Games Expo. The site was also known for having downloadable content not available anywhere else at the time, like the complete Sonic the Hedgehog OVA in RealMedia format. The site was home to several notable projects, including Sonic Robo Blast 2, Sonic Doom 2, Sonic R texture hacks, and the Sonic fan movies Pokesoccer and Apocketlapse.

The site was shut down due to legal threats made by Sega over the rights of the domain name of The SegaSonic Network ( After the SegaSonic Network was shut down, SSNTails continued on with SSNTails.Org, a site more dedicated to his own personal projects and fan works.

He has since gone on to start a hobby mobile game company called Spaddlewit[1], producing two titles so far, the Sonic-like golfing game Roly Poly Putt[2], and TraceRace.


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