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Saturday Morning Sonic
Type of site: Cartoons
Created on: August 1, 2006
Current status: Online

Saturday Morning Sonic (SMS, for short) is a SatAM Sonic fan site founded by PorpoiseMuffins in mid-2006 as an alternative to the long-running Fans United for SatAM. It includes an extensive FAQ, character and cast profiles, release information, a media section with exclusive content, features covering all aspects of the Sonic fandom, and an active forum.

SMS was nominated for several Sonic Site Awards in 2006 and was awarded the "Worth It" award in 2007.


  • PorpoiseMuffins - Founder, Editor, Administrator.
  • Elisto Dragonwings - Forum Moderator.
  • Hazel - Forum Moderator.
  • Neon Black - Forum Moderator.
  • Gojira007 - Forum Moderator.

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