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SEGA Media
Current owner(s): FastFeet
Type of site: Video Game Media and Downloads
Created on: 13th October, 2010
Current status: Offline

SEGA Media was the creation of Graham 'FastFeet' Seward, and was opened on 13 October 2010 to replace his prior site, FastFeet Media. It had a focus on covering SEGA and the Video Games Industry as a whole, as well as providing hosting for various podcasts. SEGA Media was closed in August 2012 when it was replaced by RadioSEGA Media, which would later be moved to a separate domain, and after that would move to RadioSEGA's main site.


SEGA Media was the result of a rebrand of FastFeet Media due to the changing direction of the site's content. SEGA:Sonic Radio had been the largest partner, joining The Sonic Stadium Network in 2004[1] and RadioSEGA began broadcasting live radio shows in March 2010[2], with FastFeet Media being chosen as the podcast provider. Due to the 2 radio stations being the largest partners and providers, the decision to rebrand the site came during 2010. The rebrand to SEGA Media also gave FastFeet the opportunity to give the site design a refresh, with the main aims being a less cluttered layout and making the site easier to navigate. Beta access to the site were given out in August 2010 to those given beta keys at that year's Summer of Sonic.[3]

Merger with RadioSEGA

In 2012, SEGA Media wasn't performing as well as initially expected. FastFeet attributes this to the overwhelming amount of Sonic content, when the goal of the rebrand was to introduce a wider variety of SEGA content.[4] As The Sonic Stadium already had a media server by this time for SEGA:Sonic Radio to use, RadioSEGA became the next candidate to inherit SEGA Media. The site closed to the public in August 2012[5][6], and RadioSEGA Media launched on the SEGA Media domain name, moving to its own domain around March 2013[7]. The site operated the same as when it was under the old name, but it had closer ties to the RadioSEGA family of shows and to the main RadioSEGA site. Podcasts from other sites would continue to be hosted on the site up until 2014, when a server crash forced the site and the media server to be rebuilt from scratch[8]. The SEGA Media site continued to redirect to the RadioSEGA Media site until 2014 and to the main RadioSEGA site from 2014-2016[9].

Staff and Contributors

Previous Staff members:

  • FastFeet (Graham Seward) - Founder
  • Andrew Paulson - Head News Editor

Contributors (Roles correct as of the closure of SEGA Media):

  • AAUK (Kevin Eva) - Show Host for SEGA:Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA and panellist on the "Mock the Geek" podcast
  • CapnCloudChaser (Tru Skies) - Show Host for RadioSEGA
  • FastFeet (Graham Seward) - Show Host for SEGA:Sonic Radio, RadioSEGA, the "SEGA Media Podcast" and the "Mock the Geek" podcast
  • ForeverSonic (Simon Shirley) - Show Host and Administrator for RadioSEGA
  • GavvieUK (Gavin Storey) - Show Host for RadioSEGA
  • JayZeach (James Zeach) - Panellist on the "Mock the Geek" podcast
  • Ashthedragon - Host of Sonic Paradise's "La hora del erizo"
  • Barry the Nomad - Host of "SEGAbits' Swingin' Report Show"
  • BiafraRepublic - Show Host for SEGA:Sonic Radio
  • cdrom1019 - Show Host for SEGA:Sonic Radio
  • GX - Host of "The Spindash" and "Sonic Talk"
  • KC - Head of podcasts for RadioSEGA
  • LittleRed615 - Host of "LittleRedMedia Podcast"
  • Mr Stream - Remix artist
  • ResidentSD - Show Host and podcast editor for RadioSEGA, Show Host and owner for Fuse VGM Radio and Show Host and owner for LateandLive
  • Retrix - Ex-podcast editor for RadioSEGA
  • Roareye Black - Panellist on the "Mock the Geek" podcast
  • RNMKR - Host of the "SEGA Addicts Podcast"
  • Shadix - Ex-Co-Host for RadioSEGA
  • SJSSF - Ex-Show Host for RadioSEGA
  • Skyler - Ex-Co-Host for RadioSEGA
  • Spanner - Ex-Show Host for RadioSEGA
  • SpeedKnux - Show Host for SEGA:Sonic Radio
  • SSF1991 - Host of "The Sonic News Show"
  • TheBritishAndy - Show Host for RadioSEGA
  • Twinny - Podcast and social media manager for RadioSEGA
  • vger - Panellist on the "Mock the Geek" podcast and Show Host for Emerald Coast Airwaves
  • Voice - Host of RandomSonicNet's "RSN Live"


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