68000 ASM-to-Hex Code Reference

From Sonic Retro

In my previous changes, all I did was change blue, purple, and green to lighter shades that are more readable against the black background.

Upon closer inspection, some instruction colorizations look suspect. IIRC, the destination register or destination address is always after the source register, address, or immediate value (i.e. different from MIPS, x86, and ARM). However, the suba instruction colorizations seem to suggest this convention doesn't always apply, and a DuckDuckGo search yields documentation on what the instructions do, but no bit vector diagrams.

I'm hesitant to believe anything in this table is wrong given how many people have used it with success, but it's worth verifying. I'll dink around with an assembler, but does anyone know which assemblers (for macOS/BSD/Linux) use the same syntax as this chart?