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The following is a listing of the English-language voice files from the cut scenes in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game). These files are located in \xenon\event.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)/Sound Editing/Voices/2
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Filename (.ahx) Character Contents Notes
E0125_03_SV Silver You're going to leave it behind?
E0125_04_SH Shadow Yes, I already know what becomes of it in the future...
E0125_05_SH Shadow It's time to return.
E0125_06_SV Silver Yes... Of course...
E0125_07_SH Shadow Chaos Control!
E0125_08_SV Silver Chaos Control!
E0126_00_RG Rouge You're back sooner than I expected.
E0126_01_RG Rouge Omega is still in pursuit of Mephiles.
E0126_02_RG Rouge So, where's the kid?
E0126_03_RG Rouge Hey, what did you find 10 years ago?
E0126_04_SH Shadow I'd like you to look up something for me from GUN's database.
E0126_05_SH Shadow Specifically, find out what materials the Scepter of Darkness was made from.
E0126_06a_RG Rouge Sure,
E0126_06b_RG Rouge but you haven't answered my question yet!
E0126_07_SH Shadow I found the means to seal Mephiles.
E0127_00_MF Mephiles Huh... This only proves you were created to stop Shadow, the ultimate life form.
E0127_01_MF Mephiles Don't tell me you didn't know. You may have been programmed by humanity,
E0127_02_MF Mephiles but what you did to Shadow in the future, that was your...
E0127_03_MF Mephiles Unnn... Ah ha ha ha ha!
E0127_04_RG Rouge What just happened?
E0127_06_OM Omega Shadow...
E0127_07_OM Omega The one that defeats and seals you in the future... is me.
E0127_08_RG Rouge It's... It's so unfair!
E0127_09_RG Rouge Shadow's always here to defend the world!
E0127_10_RG Rouge Despite that... Oh, how could they do this?
E0127_11_OM Omega Eventually, when something, or someone is seen as too powerful...
E0127_12a_OM Omega It is seen as a threat, and then the world becomes its enemy.
E0127_12b_OM Omega This has always been the case throughout history, and so it seems, in the future.
E0127_13_RG Rouge Shadow...
E0127_14_RG Rouge Even if you believe everyone in the world will be against you,
E0127_15_RG Rouge know that I'll always remain by your side.
E0127_16_RG Rouge Remember that.
E0127_17_SH Shadow I will.
E0128_00_RG Rouge Mephiles appears to have headed for those ruins.
E0128_01_RG Rouge He's probably looking for the Chaos Emerald that's supposed to be there.
E0128_02_SH Shadow There's no doubt in my mind.
E0128_03_SH Shadow His movement shows he's seeking any Chaos Emerald he can find. Supposedly, he needs one in order to join with Iblis again.
E0128_05_OM Omega I will seal him before that.
E0129_00_SH Shadow Mephiles!
E0129_01_MF Mephiles I was expecting you sooner. As you must know, you're already too late.
E0129_02_MF Mephiles But there’s still time for you to change your mind. Join me, Shadow.
E0129_03a_MF Mephiles Let us teach this world a lesson
E0129_03b_MF Mephiles and rewrite the future.
E0129_04_SH Shadow Don't try to deceive me.
E0129_05_MF Mephiles What?
E0129_06_SH Shadow You have no desire for revenge. You only crave destruction.
E0129_07_SH Shadow Your only lust is to fuel Iblis until there is nothing left of time itself.
E0129_09a_MF Mephiles It's a pity, Shadow the Hedgehog.
E0129_09b_MF Mephiles Truly a shame that you wish to go against me!
E0201_00_SV Silver Grrr! Come on, you monster!
E0202_00_BZ Blaze Looks like we stopped it for now.
E0202_01_SV Silver But, it'll just rise up from its ashes again.
E0202_02_SV Silver What's the point of all this? It'll never end!
E0202_03_BZ Blaze Calm down, Silver.
E0202_04_SV Silver Then tell me what we should do.
E0202_05_SV Silver How can we completely destroy Iblis?
E0202_06_MF Mephiles By knowing the truth, of course.
E0202_07_MF Mephiles Just as a flower comes from a seed, or a chicken comes from an egg,
E0202_08_MF Mephiles everything has an origin.
E0202_09_MF Mephiles You need to find the being originally responsible for this catastrophe.
E0202_10_SV Silver Is that the answer to our problem?
E0202_11_SV Silver Tell me, do you know who it is?
E0203_00_MF Mephiles To fix this present timeline, you need to change the past.
E0203_01_SV Silver But I can't do that...
E0203_02_MF Mephiles With my help, you can, because I have the power to travel through time!
E0203_03_SV Silver No way!
E0203_04_MF Mephiles To rewrite your future, the past must be changed.
E0203_05_MF Mephiles You must eliminate the individual who awakened Iblis. Therefore, you have to destroy the Iblis Trigger.
E0204_00_SV Silver Where am I?
E0204_01_SV Silver Blaze? Blaze!
E0204_02_SV Silver I guess we all got separated.
E0204_03_SV Silver This is so unbelievable.
E0204_04_SV Silver Now I must fight for the future!
E0205_00_BZ Blaze So this is the past...
E0205_01_BZ Blaze I hope Silver is OK. He's pretty insecure when he's alone.
E0205_02_BZ Blaze The Iblis Trigger...Blue hedgehog...
E0206_00_AM Amy Now I've got you, Sonic!
E0206_01_SV Silver Huh?
E0206_02_AM Amy It's about time I finally caught you again!
E0206_03_AM Amy Huh?!
E0206_04_AM Amy Hey! You're not Sonic!
E0206_05_AM Amy Um ... I'm sorry!
E0206_06_SV Silver Ah, I'm...Hey, where'd he go? He must have run off!
E0206_07a_SV Silver Hey, where'd he go?
E0206_07b_SV Silver He must have run off!
E0206_08_AM Amy I'm sorry. Did you miss someone because of me?
E0206_09_SV Silver Ah... It's okay. I'm sure the guy I'm looking for is still on the island.
E0206_10_SV Silver I'm sure I can still find him.
E0206_11_AM Amy Well then, after you help me, I'll help you!
E0206_12_SV Silver What?
E0206_13_AM Amy Two heads are better than one when looking for someone!
E0206_14_SV Silver Hey, just wait a second! I need to...
E0206_15_AM Amy By the way, what's your name?
E0206_16_SV Silver ... Silver.
E0206_17_AM Amy That's a nice name. I'm Amy Rose. It's nice to meet you!
E0206_18_SV Silver Ah... Hey, wait!
E0207_00_AM Amy Hmm... I sense Sonic's presence here.
E0207_01_AM Amy Call it my girlish intuition.
E0207_03_SV Silver What am I doing?
E0207_04_AM Amy Sorry.
E0207_05_AM Amy As soon as I find Sonic, I'll help you find who you're looking for, Silver.
E0207_06_SV Silver This looks so beautiful.
E0207_07_AM Amy What? You mean this desert?
E0207_08_SV Silver Everything is so great here, isn't it? The sky is gorgeous, and everyone's happy...
E0207_09_AM Amy Uh...
E0207_10_SV Silver Let's go.
E0207_11_SV Silver I'll help you find who you're looking for.
E0208_00_AM Amy I can't believe we haven't located Sonic yet.
E0208_01_AM Amy Gee, I wonder where he went.
E0208_02_SV Silver *gasp*
E0210_00_AM Amy The person you were looking for was Sonic?
E0210_01_AM Amy Were you planning to kill him?
E0210_02_SV Silver He's responsible for destroying my world.
E0210_03_AM Amy That's crazy!
E0210_04_AM Amy Sonic would never do that!
E0210_05_SV Silver But it's true!
E0210_06_SV Silver In the near future, his actions will cause the devastation of my world.
E0210_07_SV Silver So, I must...
E0210_08_AM Amy I don't believe that.
E0210_09_AM Amy No, even if it was possible,
E0210_10_AM Amy if I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!
E0211_00_BZ Blaze So this is where you are. I've been looking all over for you.
E0211_02_BZ Blaze What's wrong?
E0211_03_SV Silver Well, uh, Blaze...
E0211_04_SV Silver To kill someone to save the world...
E0211_05_SV Silver Is that really the right thing to do?
E0211_06_BZ Blaze You're so naive...
E0211_08_BZ Blaze Whether it's right or wrong, I can't say either...
E0211_09_BZ Blaze But what I do know is,
E0211_11_BZ Blaze if we don't take this chance, the future will remain exactly as it is.
E0211_12_SV Silver Let's sneak into Dr. Eggman's base and find out who he's looking for.
E0211_13_SV Silver Maybe we'll learn something new.
E0212_00_SV Silver Looks like we've arrived a little too late.
E0212_01_SV Silver What? Uh oh!
E0213_00_BZ Blaze That's a Chaos Emerald.
E0213_01_BZ Blaze It's said this gem can transform your thoughts into power.
E0213_02_BZ Blaze Collect seven, and a miracle's supposed to happen. Keep it as a lucky charm.
E0213_04_SV Silver It transforms your thoughts into power...
E0214_00_AM Amy Hmm... I've been trying to find Sonic but now I think I'm in trouble.
E0214_01_AM Amy Maybe I should just walk away real quietly before they spot me.
E0214_02_EL Elise Oh!
E0214_03_COM COM Prisoner has escaped from Cell Block C-17.
E0214_04_COM COM All patrolling guards, begin searching immediately.
E0214_05_COM COM I repeat, prisoner has escaped from Cell Block C-17.
E0214_06_AM Amy This way!
E0214_07_EL Elise O-, OK!
E0215_00_EL Elise Thank you so much for rescuing me. I am so grateful.
E0215_01_AM Amy I'm Amy, Amy Rose.
E0215_02_EL Elise My name is Elise.
E0215_03_AM Amy Elise... Wait, you're not Elise, the Princess of Soleanna, are you? I'll bet someone's already on their way to rescue you.
E0215_05_EL Elise Uh, yes, but someone very important to me said... Nothing starts until you take action. So I decided to heed his advice.
E0215_08_AM Amy His advice... Hmm.... You wouldn't happen to have some feelings for this person, would you?
E0215_10_EL Elise What? No! Of course not.
E0215_12_AM Amy It's OK. Really. Once a girl falls in love, everything changes.
E0215_13_AM Amy It feels like every little moment in your life is huge! Doesn't it?
E0215_15_AM Amy So, what does this guy look like? Have you already been on a date with him?
E0215_16_EL Elise Well, no... I really haven't...
E0215_17_AM Amy A one-way love!? That's so cute. Come on, there's no need to be shy.Look, you're a Princess and you're super cute. That guy's the lucky one!
E0215_20_AM Amy I also have someone that I'm pursuing, too. I wish us both luck!
E0216_00_EL Elise *gasp*
E0216_01_EG Eggman Finally. I've been waiting so patiently for you to return, Princess.
E0217_00_SV Silver Mephiles...
E0217_01_SV Silver Tell me. Who is the Iblis Trigger?
E0217_02_SV Silver Why does he want to destroy the world?
E0217_03_MF Mephiles Why does that matter to you?
E0217_04_MF Mephiles Unless you complete your task, your future will remain the same... forever.
E0217_06_MF Mephiles He's currently at the terminal station. It's now or never if you want this.
E0221_00_SV Silver Hyaah!
E0221_01_SV Silver Uun!
E0221_02_SV Silver Hey! What are you doing? You've got to leave!
E0221_03_SR Soleanna I have my duty. This Living Flame has been entrusted to the royal family.
E0221_04_SR Soleanna The Flames of Disaster will awaken if nothing is done! That must not happen.
E0221_05_SR Soleanna Eternal Sun!
E0221_06_SR Soleanna The Living Flame that has been entrusted to the royal family!
E0221_07_SR Soleanna Fall into slumber with a royal soul!
E0221_09_SR Soleanna I'm sorry, but...
E0221_10_SR Soleanna Can you take her to a safe place?
E0221_11_SV Silver Hey!
E0221_12_SR Soleanna That's a good girl, Elise.
E0221_13_SR Soleanna Remember, be brave. Don't cry,no matter what happens.
E0221_14_SR Soleanna Otherwise your tears will call forth the flames inside you...
E0221_16_SR Soleanna Become a strong queen who doesn't cry no matter what happens.
E0221_17_SR Soleanna And...
E0221_18_SR Soleanna Live... happily...
E0222_00_EL Elise Father...
E0222_02_SV Silver It's a lucky charm.
E0223_00_SV Silver Blaze...
E0223_01_BZ Blaze What did you see?
E0223_02_SV Silver The Iblis Trigger wasn't Sonic the Hedgehog.
E0223_03_BZ Blaze I see...
E0223_04_NPC NPC (Crowd of people noise)
E0223_05_SV Silver They're quite noisy.
E0223_06_BZ Blaze Yes. I heard that the Princess here left for Dr. Eggman's base in response to his earlier threat.
E0223_09_SV Silver No! What if his ultimate objective was to release Iblis?
E0223_10_BZ Blaze Silver!
E0226_00a_SV Silver I know how to save our world, now. We don't have to change the past.
E0226_00b_SV Silver I'm sure of it.
E0226_01_BZ Blaze So you have a plan?
E0226_02_BZ Blaze Well then, let's hurry. I sense his flames...
E0227_00_SV Silver C'mon Iblis!
E0227_01_SV Silver This time I'll finally stop you!
E0301_00_EL Elise Huh?
E0301_01_SN Sonic Ugh!
E0301_02_EL Elise Ahaaa!
E0301_03_EL Elise Sonic! Sonic!
E0301_04_MF Mephiles Heh heh... Ah ha ha ha ha!
E0301_05_EL Elise Sonic?
E0301_06_SR Soleanna Yes, Elise… ...
E0301_07_SR Soleanna Don't cry, no matter what happens.
E0301_08_EL Elise Oh..., no…
E0301_09_EL Elise Aaaaaah!
E0301_10_MF Mephiles Ah ha ha ha ha! Finally, the seal is broken!
E0301_11_MF Mephiles At long last, I'll be able to join with you!
E0301_12_MF Mephiles Iblis!
E0301_13_MF Mephiles Now, Chaos Emerald!
E0301_14_MF Mephiles It's time for the final curtain call!
E0304_00_TL Tails What is this?
E0304_01_AM Amy Where are we?
E0304_02_AM Amy What's going on?
E0304_03_KN Knuckles It this because of that light?
E0304_04_SV Silver The Chaos Emerald has disappeared...
E0304_05_AM Amy Silver?
E0304_06_SV Silver What are you doing here?
E0304_07_SV Silver This is all so confusing...
E0304_08_RG Rouge It's all because of Solaris.
E0304_09_EG Eggman It seems we were all were caught by the spatial distortion.
E0304_11_EG Eggman Iblis' seal has been broken.
E0304_12_EG Eggman Due to Mephiles manipulation...
E0304_13_AM Amy Sonic?
E0304_14_TL Tails No... You don't think...
E0304_15_KN Knuckles Sonic!
E0304_16_EG Eggman Mephiles played us all for fools! His plan all along was to cause the Princess to be so consumed with despair that she'd cry.
E0304_18_SV Silver So that's why he wanted me to kill Sonic before...
E0304_19_SV Silver Solaris!
E0304_20_EG Eggman This creature will consume all existing timelines and time itself will collapse and disappear into nothingness.
E0304_22_SH Shadow The instability of time caused this time-space rift.
E0304_23_EG Eggman It won't remain for much longer.
E0304_24_KN Knuckles We've no time to waste. We've got to defeat it now!
E0304_25_EG Eggman No, it is a transcendent life form that exists in the past, present and future.
E0304_26_EG Eggman Defeating it here, now, would do nothing.
E0304_27_SV Silver No, I won't give up. There has to be a way.
E0304_28_SV Silver If you say it exists in the past, present and future,
E0304_29_SV Silver I'll destroy them all at once!
E0304_30a_SH Shadow Certainly,
E0304_30b_SH Shadow it would have been possible,
E0304_31_SH Shadow if he was still alive.
E0304_32_AM Amy Sonic! Sonic! (sobs)
E0304_33_EL Elise Sonic…
E0304_34_SV Silver What's the matter?
E0304_35_EL Elise I feel... Sonic's presence in the wind.
E0304_36_EL Elise I don't think he's dead yet!
E0304_37_EL Elise I'm sure of it. It's not too late!
E0304_38_SV Silver Of course! Let's call him back with the power of the Chaos Emeralds!
E0304_39_SV Silver Focus your thoughts on using its power to perform this miracle...
E0304_40_SV Silver You can do it, Princess!
E0304_41_EL Elise I can?
E0304_42_SV Silver You were the vessel that was used to seal Iblis.
E0304_43_SV Silver You should be able to use the gems' power to rescue Sonic's soul!
E0304_44_EL Elise I... will!
E0304_45_EG Eggman Solaris flung the Chaos Emeralds to the distant corners of this distorted world.
E0304_46_TL Tails To collect them all in time, we'll have to split up!
E0304_47_AM Amy I'll go, too! Because it's for Sonic!
E0304_48_AM Amy So Elise... Watch over him!
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)/Sound Editing/Voices/2
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