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The following is a listing of the English-language voice files from the cut scenes in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game). These files are located in \xenon\event.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)/Sound Editing/Voices/1
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Filename (.ahx) Character Contents Notes
E0000_20_EL Elise Um... Why are you helping me? In folder e0031
E0000_21_SN Sonic No special reason. In folder e0031
E0000_22_EL Elise Sonic! In folder e0031
E0000_23_EL Elise Aaaah! In folder e0031
E0000_24_SN Sonic Huh! In folder e0031
E0000_25_EG Eggman I'm afraid our little game ends now. In folder e0031
E0000_26_EL Elise Sonic, take this! In folder e0031
E0000_27_SN Sonic I've got it! And don't worry, I'll rescue you! In folder e0031
E0000_28_EL Elise I know! In folder e0031
E0000_29_EG Eggman Hmph! It's only a matter of time before it's mine. Until then, you can hold onto it for me! In folder e0031
E0001_00_TL Tails Sonic!
E0001_01_SN Sonic Tails! Long time no see!
E0001_02_TL Tails I'm glad that you're here, Sonic!
E0001_03_TL Tails I heard from the people of this city that you tried to save their Princess from Dr. Eggman.
E0001_06_TL Tails You're going to rescue her, aren't you? Let me help.
E0001_07_TL Tails I may not know what Eggman's up to, but it can't be a good thing!
E0001_08_SN Sonic OK! With your help, this should be a piece of cake.
E0001_09_TL Tails Heh heh. I'll do my best!
E0002_00_TL Tails It looks like the Princess was moved to another location.
E0002_01_TL Tails Let's head back to the city!
E0003_00_SR SOLEANNA You're a good girl, Elise. Remember, be brave. Don't cry, no matter what happens.
E0003_02_EL Elise Mr. Sonic!
E0003_03_SN Sonic Just call me Sonic. Now then, are you OK?
E0003_04_EL Elise I-I'm so glad that you came...
E0003_05_SN Sonic I always keep my word.
E0003_06_TL Tails Sonic!
E0003_07_EG Eggman It looks like a pesky rat has stuck its nose where it doesn't belong. Well, a hedgehog to be more precise...
E0003_09_EG Eggman The Princess is mine until I unlock the secret of the Flames of Disaster.
E0003_10_SN Sonic Tails!
E0003_11_TL Tails Got it! Let's go!
E0004_00_SN Sonic How long is this going to go on?
E0004_01_TL Tails Let's split up.
E0004_02_TL Tails I'll get their attention, and you take the Princess, Sonic!
E0004_03_SN Sonic OK. You be careful, Tails.
E0004_04_TL Tails Leave it to me!
E0004_05_SN Sonic Hold on tight!
E0004_06_EL Elise OK!
E0006_00_EL Elise Aaaah!
E0006_01_SV Silver I've been looking for you. You're the Iblis Trigger.
E0006_02_SV Silver Your actions will condemn us all.
E0006_03_SN Sonic Who are you?
E0006_04_SV Silver My name is Silver.
E0006_05_SV Silver For the future of the world, I will destroy you!
E0007_00_SN Sonic Hey
E0007_01A_SV Silver Hah!
E0007_01B_SV Silver ah!
E0007_02_SN Sonic Ugh!
E0007_03_SN Sonic Ha... ha... ha...
E0007_04_SV Silver Hmph! Is this a joke? How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?
E0007_04A_SV Silver Hmph! Is this a joke? How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?
E0007_04B_SV Silver Hmph!
E0007_06_SN Sonic What do you…mean?
E0007_07_SV Silver It doesn't matter. For the sake of the future, the Iblis Trigger must be destroyed!
E0007_09_EL Elise Aaaaah!
E0007_10_SN Sonic Elise!? Wait!
E0007_11A_SV Silver Hah!
E0007_11C_SV Silver Hah!
E0007_12_SN Sonic Ugh!
E0007_13_SV Silver Don't you dare turn your back on me! It's time I finally put an end to this!
E0007_14AM Amy Stop!
E0007_15_SV Silver Amy?
E0007_16_SV Silver Get out of my way, Amy! This is my mission!
E0007_18AM Amy Absolutely not!
E0007_19_SV Silver Grr!
E0007_20_SN Sonic Thanks Amy. I appreciate it.
E0007_21AM Amy Leave it to me.
E0009_00_EG Eggman You're late.
E0009_01_KN Knuckles That's because we had to deal with your little metallic reception.
E0009_02_SN Sonic Where's Elise?
E0009_03_EG Eggman My, aren't we impatient...
E0009_04_EL Elise Sonic!
E0009_05_EG Eggman Ah ah. You better not move.
E0009_06_EG Eggman Now, the Chaos Emerald...
E0009_08_EG Eggman Place it there.
E0009_09_EG Eggman Heheheheheh!
E0009_10_EG Eggman Muahahahahaha!
E0009_11_EG Eggman Hmph!
E0009_12_TL Tails Huh? Wha?!
E0009_13_KN Knuckles Uwah!
E0009_14_KN Knuckles Aaahhh!
E0009_15_EL Elise Sonic?
E0009_16_KN Knuckles No!
E0009_17a_EG Eggman It's no use.
E0009_17b_EG Eggman It's too powerful for you to overcome.
E0009_18_EG Eggman Now allow me to introduce you to my latest creation. This is the Solaris prototype.
E0009_20_EL Elise *gasp*
E0009_21_EG Eggman With this machine, I’ll be able to control the flow of time itself!
E0009_22_EG Eggman Ohohohohoho!
E0009_23_SN Sonic Aaahhh!
E0009_24_KN Knuckles Aaahhh!
E0009_25_TL Tails Aaahhh!
E0009_26_EG Eggman Rest assured... They're not dead... yet.
E0009_27_EG Eggman They've just been teleported by my glorious invention to another time.
E0009_28_EG Eggman Who knows where they'll end up? It could be the distant past or far future.
E0009_30_EG Eggman But as you now know, my machine still requires some fine-tuning.
E0009_31_EG Eggman In fact, what my machine needs in order to be complete, is your power.
E0009_32_EL Elise My power?
E0009_33_EG Eggman Yes, with you and the miracle gems known as the Chaos Emeralds...
E0009_34_EG Eggman I can complete my plans.
E0009_35_EG Eggman That's all I need to revive the Flames of Disaster.
E0009_37_EG Eggman And with its power, I will be able to control everything and rule the world.
E0009_38_EG Eggman So, you would be wise to remain on my good side.
E0010_00_SN Sonic Aaahhh!
E0010_01_TL Tails Uuuh?
E0010_02_KN Knuckles Gaah!
E0010_03_KN Knuckles Ouch!
E0010_04_TL Tails Oh... Boy, do I feel dizzy…
E0010_05_TL Tails Where are we?
E0010_07_RG Rouge Oh, look who's here! I didn't expect to see you guys.
E0010_08_TL Tails Rouge! Shadow!
E0010_09_RG Rouge Hi. Long time no see!
E0011_00_SH Shadow This is the distant future, far removed from our own timeline.
E0011_01_TL Tails The future?
E0011_02_TL TAILS Then that means Eggman's machine can control time!
E0011_03_SN Sonic Eggman's got some nerve dropping us here.
E0011_04_KN KNUCKLES Now, how can we get back to our own time?
E0011_05_SH Shadow You need to create a space-time rift, which requires a large amount of power.
E0011_06_SN Sonic I see. You mean using your Chaos Control will...
E0011_07_SH Shadow Yes, but that alone is insufficient.
E0011_08_SN Sonic Okay Shadow. It looks like we need to work together on this one. Agreed?
E0012_00_KN Knuckles No matter where we go, all we see are ruins.
E0012_01_KN Knuckles How can this be our future?
E0012_02_TL Tails How could it come to this?
E0012_04_SV Silver Could it be true?
E0012_05_SV Silver If I eliminate that guy, will our world be saved?
E0012_06MF Mephiles The Day of Disaster...
E0012_07MF Mephiles Here are my records of this event.
E0012_08MF Mephiles This was when Iblis was freed and his flames were released into the world.
E0012_09MF Mephiles And you have this person to blame.
E0012_11_SV Silver ... It's impossible! So, That blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger?
E0012_13BZ Blaze Blue hedgehog...
E0012_14MF Mephiles I'll send us back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger was alive.
E0012_15_KN Knuckles What the... Who was that guy? He looked just like Shadow...
E0012_18_TL Tails Th-This is terrible!
E0012_19_TL Tails According to the data, the Princess died when she was kidnapped by Eggman! Apparently Eggman's battleship exploded!
E0012_21_TL Tails The date of this incident was...
E0012_22_TL Tails two days after the Festival of the Sun!
E0012_23_SN Sonic If we don't return in time, Elise will die onboard Eggman's battleship. That means...
E0012_25_TL Tails Yeah... I think so.
E0013_00_RG Rouge You guys are so slow.
E0013_01_RG Rouge Look.
E0013_02_TL Tails You've already found a Chaos Emerald!
E0013_03_RG Rouge Well now...
E0013_04_RG Rouge I may not look it, but I'm a real treasure hunter.
E0013_05_RG Rouge Unlike a certain echidna I know.
E0013_06_KN Knuckles What?
E0013_07_SH Shadow Have you guys discovered anything?
E0013_08_TL Tails Um, yeah.
E0013_09_TL TAILS I received a signal indicating there's a Chaos Emerald here, but...
E0013_10_RG ROUGE You mean we've got to go through there?
E0013_11_KN KNUCKLES If you don't like it, you can stay here.
E0013_12_RG ROUGE You've got to be kidding!
E0013_13_SN Sonic Don't be late.
E0013_14_SH Shadow Same to you.
E0014_00_RG ROUGE I've found a Chaos Emerald!
E0014_01_SH Shadow Don't touch it!
E0014_02_RG ROUGE *gasp*
E0014_03_RG ROUGE What? What's this?
E0015_00_SN Sonic Chaos Control!
E0015_01_SH Shadow Chaos Control!
E0016_00_TL Tails Ow!
E0016_01_KN Knuckles Looks like we made it back in one piece.
E0016_02_TL Tails Where did Shadow and Rouge go? Did they appear someplace else?
E0016_03_SN Sonic Those two can take care of themselves.
E0017_00_EL Elise I knew it... I knew you'd return! You had to!
E0017_02_SN Sonic *gasp*
E0017_03_SN Sonic You again.
E0017_04_SV Silver This time there will be no more interruptions!
E0017_05_SV Silver The Iblis Trigger... must die!
E0017_06_EL Elise Sonic...
E0017_07_SV Silver Hah!
E0017_08_SN Sonic Ugh!
E0017_09_SN Sonic Hmph!
E0017_10a_EG Eggman So how was your little walk,
E0017_10b_EG Eggman Princess?
E0017_11_EL Elise Aaahh!
E0017_12_SN Sonic Elise!
E0017_13_SV Silver Haaaaa!
E0017_14_SN Sonic Gwaah!
E0017_15_SN Sonic Unnn!
E0017_16_SV Silver It's time to end this!
E0017_17_SV Silver Who?
E0017_18_SV Silver Mephiles! Why are you getting in my way?
E0017_19_SH Shadow I'm Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog.
E0018_00_EG Eggman Now stop it. You have no where to go.
E0018_01_EL Elise I would rather die than be your prisoner again!
E0018_02_EG Eggman Hmph! So, what do you going to do, Princess? Do you plan to jump?
E0018_04_EL Elise Farewell.
E0018_05_EG Eggman Huh?
E0018_06_EL Elise Sonic!
E0018_07_EG Eggman Grr! You won't get away that easily!
E0019_00_SN Sonic What you did back there a little while ago was pretty gutsy.
E0019_01_EL Elise Well, I was really desperate, and um...
E0019_02_EL Elise I had to think of some way to escape at any rate.
E0019_03_EL Elise I owe you a lot, Sonic...
E0019_04_SN Sonic Uh...heh heh.
E0019_05_EL Elise Sonic!
E0019_06_SN Sonic I'll head into the jungle!
E0019_07_EL Elise OK!
E0021_00_EG Eggman Princess Elise, ruler of Soleanna...
E0021_01_EG Eggman By refusing to negotiate with me, you have forced me to take drastic actions.
E0021_02_EG Eggman Meet me at the specified point alone at 4 o'clock today.
E0021_03_EG Eggman Failure to do so on time, will result in my leveling of this city so that nothing but ashes remain!
E0021_05_MD Maid Miss Elise!
E0021_07_EL Elise I cannot allow harm to come to my people
E0021_08_MA Ma Miss Elise?
E0021_09_EL Elise It is my duty as Princess of Soleanna to go...
E0021_10_EL Elise There is no other choice.
E0021_11_NPC People (People clamoring and loudly murmuring things like, What's that?!)
E0021_12_NPC People (People clamoring and loudly murmuring things like, What's that?!)
E0022_00_EG Eggman You've wasted so much of my time.
E0022_01_EG Eggman If you had cooperated with me earlier, I wouldn't have had to do this.
E0022_02_EL Elise What are you trying to do, Dr. Eggman?
E0022_03_EL Elise Why do you wish to revive the Flames of Disaster?
E0022_04_EG Eggman Did your parents ever disclose to you anything about Solaris?
E0022_05_EG Eggman Solaris's secrets are in his eternal flames.
E0022_07_EG Eggman His power can change time, and even control it.
E0022_08_EG Eggman I wish to obtain this power and dominate everything in this world.
E0022_09_EG Eggman And not just in the present, but in the future and in the past!
E0022_10_EL Elise You wish... to rule over... time?
E0022_11a_EG Eggman Yes. Truly.
E0022_11b_EG Eggman And the secret...
E0022_12_EG Eggman Why the secret remains dormant in you, Princess.
E0022_14_EG Eggman The Princess of Soleanna and the seven Chaos Emeralds...
E0022_15_EG Eggman When everything is gathered, the fate of the whole world shall change!
E0022_16_EG Eggman And one of the beautiful gems is just ahead.
E0022_17_COM Com Chaos Emerald located.
E0022_18_EG Eggman Finally... Now, let's go collect that Chaos Emerald.
E0023_01_SV Silver Hyaah!
E0023_02_SV Silver You look like you're in a hurry.
E0023_03_SN Sonic ... So what's going on?
E0023_04_SV Silver Circumstances have changed.
E0023_05_SV Silver I need to rescue the Princess.
E0024_00a_EG Eggman Huh?
E0024_00b_EG Eggman The engines are malfunctioning.
E0024_00c_EG Eggman And what's this?
E0024_01_EL Elise ... ?
E0024_02_EG Eggman Stop all engines now!
E0024_03a_EG Eggman ... Why is this happening?
E0024_03b_EG Eggman No!
E0024_03c_EG Eggman We're about to collide!
E0026_00_SN Sonic Elise!
E0026_01_SV Silver Wait, there's still a way to change this.
E0026_02_SV Silver If we return to an earlier point in time, we can prevent this.
E0026_03_SN Sonic ... ! I understand.
E0026_04_SN Sonic and Silver Chaos Control!
E0026_04B_SV Silver Chaos!
E0026_06A_SN Sonic Silver!
E0026_07_SN Sonic I can handle this myself. Besides, you've got somewhere else to go to, right?
E0026_09_SV Silver You...
E0026_10_SN Sonic I'll make sure to change Elise's fate.
E0026_11_SN Sonic And that in turn, should change your future,too Silver.
E0026_12_SN Sonic Thank you, Silver!
E0026_13_SV Silver Yeah... Just save her.
E0026_14_SN Sonic Elise!
E0027_00_SN Sonic ...
E0028_00a_COM Com Thrust increasing.
E0028_00b_COM Com Engine output at maximum.
E0028_00c_COM Com Course plotted. Gate open. Lifting off!
E0028_01a_COM Com Gate open.
E0028_01b_COM Com Lifting off!
E0024_00A_EG Eggman Huh?
E0024_00A_EG Eggman The engines are malfunctioning.
E0024_00C_EG Eggman And what's this?
E0024_01_EL Elise Huh?
E0024_02_EG Eggman Stop all engines now!
E0024_03A_EG Eggman Why is this happening?
E0024_03B_EG Eggman No!
E0024_03C_EG Eggman We're about to crash!
E0024_04_EG Eggman Nooooo!!
E0024_05_EG Eggman Ugh!
E0029_00_SN Sonic Playtime's over.
E0029_01_EL Elise Sonic!
E0029_02_SN Sonic This ship is about to crash. Too bad, Eggman.
E0029_04a_EG Eggman Grrr!
E0029_04b_EG Eggman I'm not finished yet!
E0029_05_SN Sonic  !
E0030_00_EL Elise Sonic!
E0030_01_SN Sonic Aren't you worried?
E0030_02_EL Elise If you have time to worry, then run, right?
E0030_03_SN Sonic Nice smile!
E0102_00_RG Rouge Don't you want to know what this is?
E0102_01_SH Shadow My assignment was to rescue you, nothing more.
E0102_02_RG Rouge Fine.
E0102_03_RG Rouge With you, it's always business.
E0102_04_RG Rouge It seems they don't want us to leave.
E0102_05_SH Shadow Hmph...Let's get this over with.
E0103_01_RG Rouge Ah, Soleanna, the city of water. It has a constitutional monarchy, you know.
E0103_02_RG Rouge The primary industries are tourism and crafting precision machinery...
E0103_03_RG Rouge The current sovereign is Princess Elise the Third.
E0103_04_SH Shadow Why does Eggman's base lead to an odd place like this?
E0103_05A_RG Rouge How should I know?
E0103_05B_RG Rouge I just followed my orders and retrieved the item.
E0103_06_RG Rouge Anyway, I have a little favor to ask of you.
E0103_07_RG Rouge Could you escort me to the GUN rendezvous point?
E0103_09_SH Shadow Where's the rendezvous point?
E0103_10_RG Rouge It's the ancient castle of Soleanna, in Kingdom Valley.
E0104_00_RG Rouge The former king of Soleanna used to reside in this castle.
E0104_01_RG Rouge But a major accident occurred 10 years ago, and no one's lived here since.
E0104_02_SH Shadow Accident?
E0104_03_RG Rouge I heard a prototype energy engine failed, which caused the accident.
E0104_04_RG Rouge I think the name of the plan was...
E0104_05_EG Eggman the Solaris Project.
E0104_06_EG Eggman It was an ambitious project named after their eternal sun god.
E0104_07_RG Rouge Doctor!
E0104_08_EG Eggman It's been a while, my dear Rouge. And of course, Shadow.
E0104_09_EG Eggman Now, if you'd be so kind as to hand back the Scepter of Darkness you took from me.
E0104_10_RG Rouge Aaah!
E0104_11_EG Eggman No... ... !
E0104_12_SH Shadow *gasp*
E0104_13_EG Eggman It's no use! Pull back,pull back,pull back!
E0104_14_SH Shadow Ha!
E0104_15_RG Rouge Shadow!
E0104_16_RG Rouge What? His shadow...
E0104_19_MF Mephiles Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh, how ironic fate can be!
E0104_20_MF Mephiles I would never have believed I would be resurrected through your shade! I thank you, Shadow the Hedgehog!
E0104_22_SH Shadow Who are you? How do you know my name?
E0104_23_MF Mephiles I'm Mephiles. Mephiles the Dark.
E0104_24_MF Mephiles What, did you forget me?
E0104_26_MF Mephiles I owe much to you, Shadow.
E0104_27_MF Mephiles Oh yes.
E0104_28_MF Mephiles What you gave to me, I now return to you!
E0104_29_MF Mephiles A one-way ticket to oblivion.
E0104_30_RG Rouge Aaaah!
E0104_31_SH Shadow Huaaah!
E0105_00_RG Rouge What is this place?
E0105_01_SH Shadow It seems we've been teleported to another location by that stranger.
E0105_02_RG Rouge Well, let's find out where we are.
E0105_03a_SH Shadow Mephiles..
E0105_03b_SH Shadow Who is he?
E0106_00_RG Rouge I'm in... I've pinpointed our location,it's...
E0106_01_RG Rouge No... that's not possible...
E0106_02_RG Rouge We're still in the Doctor's base. But how can that be?
E0106_03_RG Rouge Wait, there's no doubt now!
E0106_04_SH Shadow It's not where we are...
E0106_06_RG Rouge Hmm...
E0106_07_SH Shadow It appears we've gone through time…doesn't it?
E0106_08_RG Rouge Yes... Approximately 200 years.
E0106_09_RG Rouge Maybe more, depending on when this database was last updated.
E0106_10_RG Rouge Well, at least we know we've arrived in the future.
E0106_11_RG Rouge That means this Mephiles character has the power to control time.
E0106_12_SH Shadow His power feels very similar to my own Chaos Control...
E0106_13_SH Shadow But...
E0109_00_RG Rouge Ah ha ha ha. My precious Chaos Emerald. You are all so beautiful.
E0109_01_RG Rouge Your mysterious brilliance...
E0109_02_RG Rouge *gasp*
E0109_03_RG Rouge Omega! What's he doing here?
E0109_05_SH Shadow It seems he's in some kind of standby mode.
E0109_06_RG Rouge What could have possibly happened to create this future?
E0109_08_RG Rouge Yes, this is Rouge.
E0109_09_RG Rouge Understood. We'll be there in a minute.
E0109_10_RG Rouge It looks like Sonic and his friends have found something, too. Let's go.
E0109_11_RG Rouge It's not like we can do anything for him now.
E0109_12_SH Shadow Yeah.
E0113_00_RG Rouge Shadow? Shadow!
E0113_01_RG Rouge Shadow... And he doesn't have a Chaos Emerald anymore...
E0113_02_GN GUN Agent Rouge?
E0113_03_GN GUN Report your status immediately. Have you retrieved the Scepter of Darkness?
E0113_04_RG Rouge Well...I'll provide a full report shortly.
E0113_05_RG Rouge Right now, I have a priority situation to deal with.
E0113_06_RG Rouge I need to contact E123 Omega immediately.
E0114_00_RG Rouge This is a charming little place.
E0114_01_RG Rouge Hi, long time no see.
E0114_02_OM Omega Rouge the Bat.
E0114_03_OM Omega Situation understood. What would you like me to do?
E0114_04_RG Rouge Take this, and deliver it to Shadow.
E0114_05_OM Omega Acknowledged. System reactivation will commence after 1,743,216 hours.
E0114_06_OM Omega Backup power source and spare magazines secured.
E0114_07_OM Omega Command program priority changed.
E0114_08_OM Omega New mission: Shadow Support.
E0114_09a_OM Omega External access no longer permitted.
E0114_09b_OM Omega Confirmed.
E0114_10_RG Rouge I'm counting on you.
E0115_00_MF Mephiles So, decided to void your return ticket now, did you?
E0115_01_SH Shadow Why are you here? Did you ruin this world?
E0115_02_MF Mephiles The answer's yes and no.
E0115_03_MF Mephiles Perhaps it's better to show you.
E0115_04_MF Mephiles Yes, that's you.
E0115_05_SH Shadow After the world was devastated by Iblis' flames, what do you think happened?
E0115_06_MF Mephiles A search for the guilty.
E0115_07_MF Mephiles Who did this you may ask?
E0115_09a_MF Mephiles Humanity wasn't just jealous of your power.
E0115_09b_MF Mephiles They feared it.
E0115_10_MF Mephiles They used this incident as an excuse to hunt you down.
E0115_11_MF Mephiles Come with me, Shadow.
E0115_12a_MF Mephiles Let us punish this foolish world of humanity.
E0115_12b_MF Mephiles It is only fair to give back what was intended for you.
E0115_13_MF Mephiles You have every right to want justice.
E0115_14_SH Shadow That's absurd.
E0115_15_SH Shadow Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it alone.
E0115_16_MF Mephiles You forgive humanity this folly then?
E0115_17_SH Shadow I determine my own destiny.
E0116_00_SH Shadow Uhh!
E0116_01_SH Shadow Omega!
E0116_02_OM Omega Now is the designated time. I shall provide assist.
E0117_00_MF Mephiles Grr!
E0117_01_SH Shadow I won't let you escape!
E0118_01_OM Omega It appears Mephiles is no longer here. I will assist in pursuing him.
E0119_00_RG Rouge Hi.
E0119_02_RG Rouge It seems like Eggman's machines are looking for you.
E0119_03_RG Rouge What did you do this time?
E0119_04_SH Shadow Nothing. Their target is probably Mephiles.
E0119_05_OM Omega What is Eggman up to? Who is Mephiles?
E0119_06_SH Shadow The quickest way to find the answers is to ask him directly.
E0119_07_RG Rouge Hey, wait a sec!
E0119_08_SH Shadow I'll confront the doctor. Rouge, you keep track of Mephiles' movements.
E0119_09_RG Rouge Hmph. He finally shows up again and then he leaves before even saying, Hello.
E0119_10_RG Rouge Well, at least he doesn't seem any worse for the wear from his little trip.
E0119_11_RG Rouge This is Rouge. GUN HQ?
E0119_12_RG Rouge Yes, pull all available data on an item called the Scepter of Darkness for me.
E0120_00_EG Eggman Wouldn't the door have been easier?
E0120_01_EG Eggman So, what do you want now?
E0120_02_SH Shadow Who is Mephiles? And why are you trying to capture him?
E0120_03_EG Eggman If you want to know, you should go find him yourself.
E0120_04_EG Eggman But here's a hint... It's all linked to the Soleanna disaster 10 years ago.
E0120_05_SH Shadow The Solaris Project.
E0120_06_EG Eggman Indeed.
E0120_07_EG Eggman When you capture Mephiles, you must bring him to me.
E0120_08_EG Eggman Then I'll tell you the truth about Solaris.
E0122_00_SV Silver Hyaaah!
E0122_01_SH Shadow Chaos Control!
E0122_02_SV Silver You...
E0122_03_SH Shadow Don't bother.
E0122_04_SH Shadow With a Chaos Emerald's power, I control time and space. You can't break free.
E0122_05_SV Silver I won't give up!
E0122_06_SV Silver It all depends on me!
E0122_07_SV Silver Can't lose... Not when I'm so close!
E0122_08_SV Silver Uuuuuh!
E0122_09_SH Shadow Chaos...
E0122_10_SV Silver Control!
E0122_11_SH Shadow Wha-?
E0122_12_SV Silver Huh?
E0122_13_SH Shadow He... induced a Chaos Control.
E0122_14_SV Silver I won't let anyone get in my way!
E0122_15_SV Silver I'll change the past and save the world!
E0122_16_SH Shadow Mephiles isn't trying to help you create a better future...
E0122_17_SH Shadow He's trying to eliminate the past.
E0122_18_SV Silver What? What are you talking about?
E0122_19_SH Shadow Apparently, it seems that for both of us to discover the truth, we must see the event that took place 10 years ago.
E0122_21_SH Shadow Follow me if you want to know.
E0125_00_SV Silver Did you do it?
E0125_01_SH Shadow Yes. And you?
E0125_02a_SV Silver Yes. The Flames are properly sealed.
E0125_02b_SV Silver It's done.
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)/Sound Editing/Voices/1
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