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  • Collection: Image files for the concept art and game titles.
  • Hint: Leftover hints from Unleashed.
  • Install: Leftover images from installing Unleashed on...something.
  • Item: Item textures from Sonic Unleashed.
  • LoadingHint: The image files for the loading hints.
  • Packed: Contains the level geometry and their respective resources for all stages in bb2.cpk. The folder contains the level geometry and resources for the rival battles, Casino Night, Rooftop Run, the Figurine Room, Overworld, Planet Wisp, and Seaside Hill.
  • reddog: Seems like unused files for the PC's window GUI for the Debug Mode.
  • voices: Voice files for the cast.


Level Files

All levels have Stage.pfd and Stage-Add.pfd in the Packed folder. They aren't listed here because all stages have them.

File Name Hard Mode Packed Folder Contains - Metal Sonic Rival Fight - Shadow Rival Fight - Silver Rival Fight N/A - Casino Night Zone N/A - Seaside Hill Act 1 N/A - Seaside Hill Act 2 N/A - Crisis City Act 1 N/A - Crisis City Act 2 N/A - Rooftop Run Act 1 N/A - Rooftop Run Act 2 N/A - Planet Wisp Act 1 N/A - Planet Wisp Act 2 N/A Figurine Room N/A - Overworld

Enemy Files

# File Name File Name Contains Used in Aero-Cannon Rooftop Run Batabata Green Hill Zone Beetle City Escape Beeton Green Hill Zone, Planet Wisp Big Beeton Green Hill Zone Big Motora Green Hill Zone
None Iblis Biter Crisis City Common Enemy Files Everywhere Cop Speeder Speed Highway
None Iblis Worm Crisis City Egg Chaser Rooftop Run Egg Fighter Rooftop Run Egg Robo Sky Sanctuary Egg Launcher Rooftop Run
None Common Egg Pawn Files Seaside Hill, Planet Wisp Egg Pawn Planet Wisp Egg Pawn Seaside Hill Ganigani Green Hill Zone Grabber Chemical Plant Zone G.U.N Hunter City Escape Lander Chemical Plant Zone Motora Green Hill Zone Sandworm Planet Wisp Spinner Seaside Hill Iblis Taker Crisis City


File Name Contains Amy Rose's model files Many animal model files Blaze the Cat's model files Charmy the Bee's model files Dr. Robotnik's Eggman's model files Classic Tails' model files Cream the Rabbit's model files Dr. Eggman's model files Espio the Chameleon's model files Knuckles the Echidna's model files Metal Sonic's model files Omochao's model files Rouge the Bat's model files Shadow the Hedgehog's model files Silver the Hedgehog's model files Modern Tails' model files Vector the Crocodile's model files
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