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SOSEL_.mmd - Sound Select Screen

Offset Description
$000884 Font and BG

SPEEND.mmd - Good Ending Screen

Offset Description
$000532 Font and BG (see SOSEL_ 000884)

SPMM__.mmd - Special Stage

Offset Description
$0032F0 Special Stage clear screen patterns
$004176 Time Stones
$004332 UFO contents icons and rings
$004530 Explosions
$00480C HUD
$004A24 Title card patterns
$004C68 Press Start patterns
$004DC6 Water splashes
$00508C Shadow patterns
$00511A UFO patterns
$00602C 3 8x8 tiles

SPSS__.bin - Special Stage

Offset Description
$008070 Special Stage 1 BG
$0098A4 Special Stage 2 BG
$00AF7A Special Stage 3 BG
$00C51C Special Stage 4 BG
$00E75A Special Stage 5 BG
$01028C Special Stage 6 BG
$0116A0 Special Stage 7 BG
$0135CA Special Stage 8 BG

STSEL__.mmd - Stage Select Screen

Offset Description
$000A04 Font and BG (same as SOSEL_ 000884)

THANKS_D.bin - Thanks For Playing Screen (Unused/Beta left overs)

Offset Description
$000000 Font
$000452 Thank You For Your Playing/You Are Greatest Player patterns
$000AAA BG clouds from DA Garden
$0016F0 Sonic
$002E70 More Sonic
$003CF0 Metal Sonic
$00499A More Metal Sonic
$0057C4 Various animals
$005D5C Another batch of various animals

TITLEM.mmd - Title Screen

Offset Description
$002140 BG water
$00223E BG mountain
$0027A8 FG halo
$003366 FG banner
$003998 BG Little Planet
$0041D4 FG Sonic
$006456 Bunch of unused grey 8x8 tiles
$00646E NEW GAME
$006530 CONTINUE
$0066A4 RAM DATA
$006748 DA GARDEN
$0069A2 Arrow
$0069D0 Copyright
$006A50 Trademark

VM____.mmd - Visual Mode Screen

Offset Description
$000CCA Font
$000F30 Background

WARP__.mmd - Warping Screen

Offset Description
$000748 Sonic


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