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"Project Files" are the files that must be selected by the user to begin editing. These files list the filenames of the data files required for any editing project and any necessary settings values. The files use the extension ".sep" to identify them as "SonED Project Files", but they are plain text files that can be opened in any text editor.

The basic formatting for entering data into a "Project File" is as follows:

Description: Data

Description may be used to denote the data type required on each line. It is completely ignored by the program and may say anything. The colon (:) marks the beginning of the data for each line. Data is only read between a colon and a newline, so anything on the following lines is regarded as descriptions/comments and ignored until another colon is found.

The first line in any "Project File" is always the project type value.

Valid type values are as listed:

  1. Sonic 1 Level/Tile/Object Editing Project
  2. Sonic 2 Level/Tile/Object Editing Project

Different project types require different data, so the format of the "Project File" is dependent on the type of project it is used for. If the proper format is not used, the data will either load improperly, or SonED2 may crash.

It is suggested that the following line appear at the bottom of every "Project File":


Adding this line to the bottom of the file ensures that the last data line contains a newline character. If the final data line does not include a newline, the project interpreter may crash. Newline must be present because it marks the end of the dataline.

If any filename listed in the "Project File" does not exist, a blank one will be created, and the data created in SonED will be saved to that file. If a path is given with the filename, the path MUST already exist.