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All graphical data from SonED2 can be exported to image files. All output files are 256-color PCX files of the sizes determined by the type and amount of data to export. These options appear in the "Misc" menu under "Export to image"

Tiles: 8x8 Tiles are dumped in vertical list format running in 4 columns, one for each palette row variation

Blocks: 16x16 Blocks are dumped in vertical list format, running 1 column

Chunks: Chunks are dumped in a vertical list 2 chunks wide

Solidity: Solidity is dumped in a chart format running 20 entries wide, displaying each Height Map and it's corresponding Angle value

Level Maps: - Level maps are dumped as a full image, as seen by scrolling through them in SonED2 or a game. Either one of the two planes (A, foreground or B, background) can be dumped with only "High" tiles, only "Low" tiles, or both showing. Plane A dumps can also include solidity from either path 0 or (in Sonic 2 type games) path 1 with or without corresponding angle values, and can include all "Known" objects (Objects with art defined within the Object Defs) or every object in the level. These options may be toggled in the drop-down menu before selecting Plane A for exporting.