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E02 is a scriptable, multi-purpose 2D game engine that is also available from Organized Chaos. It can be used to create games like Sonic the Hedgehog, or any other type of 2D game. This utility is available for simultaneously developing custom Sonic the Hedgehog levels for Mega Drive and for PC

Any normal gameplay level layout may be exported as an E02 level file, complete with all solidity in-tact, and all planes separated accordingly.

The level generated will contain 4 planes in this order:

0 - Plane B Low
1 - Plane A Low
2 - Plane B High
3 - Plane A High

Also, for Sonic 1 type levels, the "loop" Chunk must be selected manually by selecting it as the current Chunk before exporting the level. This will identify the Chunk as a "loop" and generate the appropriate paths in the E02 level.

If exporting a level that uses the same art as a previously-exported level, the "Use existing tiles" option can be used instead of the "Create E02 Level" option to first select an existing E02 tile file. The existing tiles will be used to build the level loaded in SonED2 when available, and any new tiles will be added to the file.

The files generated by these options are:

E02Out.lev - The level file
E02Out.til - The tile file