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Included in this package are premade "Project Files" for the filesets created by the Nemesis Sonic 2 and Hivebrain Sonic 1 data splitting files. Each set needs slight adjustments to work properly with SonED2:

Sonic 1

Green Hill's tiles were split into two sets when the game was created. They must be merged into one set for use with SonED2. This involves decompressing both files ("Nemesis" compression, it is suggested that this be done with "The Sonic Data Compressor"), copying the data from the second file onto the end of the first file, then recompressing the single file. Also, to use this new file in Sonic 1, the "Pattern Load Cue" for Green Hill must be altered so that it only loads the one tile set instead of looking for two. The filename expected by the project file is "GHZ Merged Patterns.bin", in the "artnem" folder.

Sonic 2

The original data split file copied both normal and rotated collision maps to the same file, when they should be managed separately. A modified version of this file is included with SonED2 to correct this. The file also contains information to split the data for Casino Night Zone's bumpers, which wasn't previously included. These two modifications are NOT directly supported by Nemesis' modified game file, so the game file must be modified to accept this data, and the Merge file must also be modified to insert the data properly.

To use these files to extract the data from a ROM, place a Sonic 1 (USA) ROM named "S1.bin" into the Sonic1 Folder, or a Sonic 2 ROM named "S2.bin" into the Sonic2 Folder, and run "split.bat". Data will then be extracted from the ROMs into individual files, ready to be edited. After editing, the data may be placed back into a ROM by hand or by other means. Those who are not familiar with using extracted data in this manner would benefit from searching the internet for more information.