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Category: Archive editor
Version: 4
Status: Inactive
System: Microsoft .NET Framework
Supported Games: Sonic Adventure DX PC,
Sonic Adventure (2010)
Credits: MainMemory
Thanks: Tux and SANiK for SADXsnd,
SANiK for decompression routine.

SADXsndSharp is a utility for extracting/creating/editing DAT files in the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX. It was written by MainMemory in C#, and requires the .NET Framework 3.5 to run. It is based on the older SADXsnd by Tux/SANiK. Whereas SADXsnd was a commandline program and could only extract and pack whole archives, SADXsndSharp provides a GUI interface for adding, removing and extracting files. Release 2 adds support for decompressing files from system.dat on disc 1. Release 3 adds support for the files from the 2010 port.


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Current version: 4

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