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Sonic 2 Spanish Promotional VHS - Hidden Palace Zone

All Hidden Palace clips here are from the demo, which also exists in our prototype. The Master Emerald is not shown here, and the level layout and graphics (where displayed) look the same as our prototype. Basically nothing extraordinary here except Sonic's new sprites.

Again, we don't know what music this Hidden Palace uses, because the video supplies its own (crappy, I must add) music.

Tv.3.hpz.03.jpg Tv.3.hpz.01.jpg
Sonic has his final walking sprite. They spin as they enter the tube. But so did they in our prototype's demo. They must've held "down" to spin manually. We can't tell if the tunnels have auto-spin implemented.
Tv.3.hpz.02.jpg Tv.3.hpz.04.jpg
Tails monitor is still here. In the demo Sonic doesn't destroy the monitor, so we don't know if it'll give him an extra life. Again, Sonic's shield seems non-animated because the video is dropping frames. Nothing to worry about. The glowing bridge. This is the same location as mag preview #13.