Sonic 2 Spanish Promotional VHS/Emerald Hill Zone

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Sonic 2 Spanish Promotional VHS - Emerald Hill Zone

Tv.3.ehz.01.jpg Tv.3.big2p.jpg
Tails has its own icon in split-screen mode, but they still share one rings counter. Tails' icon says "Sonic". Click to view the original, bigger picture.
Tv.3.ehz.02.jpg Tv.3.ehz.03.jpg
A dead end tunnel. Tails can fly.
Tv.3.ehz.04.jpg Tv.3.ehz.10.jpg
Tails get hurt but no longer loses rings on Sonic's behalf. Sonic has his final ledge animation.
Tv.3.ehz.05.jpg Tv.3.ehz.06.jpg
Robotnik taking the second-last hit. Don't be alarmed that Robotnik doesn't flash white. The 30-fps video skipped those frames. The vehicle now explodes, but Robotnik doesn't have the burnt expression.
Tv.3.ehz.07.jpg Tv.3.ehz.08.jpg
More explosions. Now here's the kicker. After the explosion the vehicle faces right! Both in our prototype and final, the vehicle (and the aircraft too) faces left if he's facing left during the final hit.