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Green Hill Zone

Nick Arcade Prototype

As with Simon Wai's prototype, Emerald Hill is the most complete Zone in the ROM. It's the only one that can actually be completed, and it's the only zone with a boss. (Of course, we're not counting Green Hill Zone.)

Act 1

Emerald Hill Zone Act 1: Final
Ehz1 mapf small.png
Emerald Hill Zone Act 1: Nick Arcade Prototype
Ehz1 mapd small.png
While there are plenty of layout differences between this prototype later builds, the entire Act still feels very familiar.

Note the similarity between prototype B's layout and the layout seen in the Nick Arcade video: Tv ghzalpha.png

Act 2

Emerald Hill Zone Act 2: Final
Ehz2 mapf small.png
Emerald Hill Zone Act 2: Nick Arcade Prototype
Ehz2 mapd small.png

Some minor differences dotted around this act, mostly in the middle.

Simon Wai Prototype

Emerald Hill Zone was, quite reasonably, known as Green Hill Zone in the development stage. This zone is mostly completed. GHZ is also the only zone in this prototype that has a boss.

Act 1

Act 2