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Chemical Plant Zone

Chemical Plant demo was being played at the background while they're talking.

Tv nicktails01.gif Tv nicktails02.gif

Even though Tails does not appear in the EHZ gameplay, he does appear in the CPZ demo.

Tv nick12a.jpg Tv nick12b.png

One of the buildings (pointed by an arrow) in Nick Arcade's version is shorter.

Chemical Plant also has a different level layout.

Tv nickcpz1.jpg Tv nickcpz2.jpg Tv nickcpz3.jpg

<- upper crossway Tv cpzalpha.png -> unknown??

The above picture, created by Pelord, shows the layout of CPZ act 1 right after the upper crossway levels off. (The middle block actually doesn't have the red pipe.)

<- upper crossway Tv cpzfinal.png -> P-loop

The above picture to shows the exact same location in the final version and the Simon Wai prototype. The "steps" are moved to the right, and are replaced by a quarter-circle arc. The floating platform is also gone.