Mean Machines Sega VHS/Chemical Plant Zone

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Mean Machines Sega VHS - Chemical Plant Zone

The major highlight in this zone is a ramp that isn't working properly. Sonic walks on the wrong layers of the level.

Tv.2.cpz.02.jpg Tv us3.jpg
Notice the silver crossbars in the lower right background, they're gold in the final. Sonic is having trouble running up the slope in Chemical Plant. Also notice Sonic's final running sprites.
Tv us4.jpg Tv.2.cpz.03.jpg
A glitch. Instead of walking ON the slope, Sonic goes BEHIND it. Slanted loop corners, just like in our prototype.
Tv.2.cpz.01.jpg Tv.2.cpz.04.jpg
Tails can fly. Sonic has his final braking animation.
Tv us9.jpg
Sonic finishing Chemical Plant act 2 without fighting a boss. The score add up screen is missing as well.