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The splashing rock and torch tiles are not from a Sonic game

Spr splash.gif Spr flame.gif

The above tiles are found within the Sonic 2 Beta ROM. Following are screenshots from Chiki Chiki Boys. Notice how the tiles match exactly, minus the palette difference.

Fa dhz3.png Fa dhz2.png Fa dhz1.png

From what I can tell, all the currently unidentified areas of lost data belong to this game. It would seem that the flashcart used to hold S2B previously held a copy of this game, much the same as was the case with a Ninja Turtles game being used for the cart that Sonic Crackers came from. So yeah, that solves that mystery. Just for the disappointed, if it's any consolation, the leftover data from Chiki Chiki Boys is from a prerelease.

Nemesis, ROM Hacker @ Culticon.png Sonic Cult Forums

How did Nemesis find out the connection with Chiki Chiki Boys? He didn't pull it out of his memory.

Today I isolated a section of this lost data, and ran a search of my entire genesis rom collection for a match. I found one.

Nemesis, ROM Hacker @ Culticon.png Sonic Cult Forums

Amazingly, long time ago, Nemesis has already figured out the tiles don't belong to the current Sonic 2 Beta compilation:

You know that one with the fire in the pot against the stone wall? That actually wasn't compiled in our version of the rom, but is merely left over from a previous build.

Nemesis, ROM Hacker @ Area 51 phpBB (defunct)

Who knows, perhaps a pre-release of another game would contain leftover data of Sonic games that we're looking for? Some might argue it's close to impossible to tell if the data belongs to a previous Sonic build since we don't know how those data look like, but:

That's the easy part. First of all, it's highly unlikely that the only data that would be present is stuff we haven't seen before. It's most likely it would be coupled with other data that we can recognise from the final version. Secondly, the way the data is arranged is very different between games. The structure alone gives something away. Third, Sonic Team used several compression formats that are unique to them, and if data is found using a certain compression format in a game that doesn't use it, that gives something away too.

Nemesis, ROM Hacker @ Culticon.png Sonic Cult Forums