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Fast Facts on Retro Sonic

Latest Version: Nexus 2008 Demo
Latest Release Date: Nexus 2008
Engine: Original, C++/DirectX
Credits: The Taxman

Retro Sonic is an effort by "The Taxman" (Christian Whitehead) to create a platform game engine with the same capabilities as the engine built into Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The first game called Retro-Sonic was created using the MultiMedia Fusion authoring environment, then rewritten in Visual Basic. It was rewritten once more to create the current incarnation, called Retro Sonic (without a hyphen). The current incarnation is written in the C++ programming language using DirectX[1] and works on Windows and on the Dreamcast gaming system.

A demo of the game was released for the 2007 Sonic Amateur Games Expo. It featured one zone (Egg Gardens) and a custom rebuild of Emerald Hill Zone.


In 2008, the game merged with Sonic XG, forming Retro Sonic XG. The levels of Retro Sonic were adapted to the XG style and added to the game.

In 2011, The Taxman announced that in early 2010 the merged game Retro Sonic XG merged again with the fangame Sonic Nexus, forming the newly merged title Retro Sonic Nexus. Most of the levels from Nexus and Retro were added to the game with the XG style. Some levels unfortunetly didn't make the cut to be in the merged game due to similar levels being in each game.

Download.svg Download Retro Sonic
File: Retro Sonic (Beta).7z (3.18 MB) (info)
Current version: SAGE 2007 Beta

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