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Current owner(s): PsychoSk8r
Type of site: ROM Modification
Created on: Summer 2007
Current status: Offline

RetroHack is a ROM hacking community created and run by PsychoSk8r and redhotsonic. It strives for a user-friendly approach to Sonic ROM hacking. It has a community mostly full of members from the SSRG; however, it also has a small, unique memberbase. It intends to become a bigger name in the Sonic ROM hacking community, and provides many services that helps it achieve that goal. Due to severe inactivity, the decision to close down was made on October 2, 2009 but on May 23, 2011 it was reopened.

The Rise and Fall of RetroHack

On a lucky break, PsychoSk8r signed a contract with an old accomplice for web hosting, getting it at a cheap rate (£15 per month) for 1TB worth the space and bandwidth. This helped his plans towards establishing RetroHack.

The name RetroHack was thought of off the top of PsychoSk8r's head; he didn't want Sonic in the title, as he wanted it not just to be a Sonic-based ROM hacking community, but to be open to other types of ROM hacks as well.

RetroHack started as a PHPBB based forum, and attracted a few members. After a fortnight of being up, due to the software, the board was spammed. This led to the decision of switching to Invision Power Board. Once RetroHack was switched to IPB, it received a better look and feel, and opened up more forums for members to discuss subjects other than ROM hacking. After a good 5 months, the server failed.

The Resurrection

After 9 days of downtime, PsychoSk8r got together with his host to talk about what could be done about the excessive downtime. After some discussion, plans of moving to a new server were put into immediate action. After a few days, the site was back online.

PsychoSk8r wasn't too pleased with the idea of a complete restart, so after hunting through 500gb of data, he found minor pieces of the old RetroHack, and decided to completely restart; however, he only restored certain portions from the old RetroHack page.

RetroHack reopened on the February 12th, 2008, at 5:30pm GMT, supporting a new, sleek design, with subtle references to the old RetroHack theme. Shortly after reopening, a popular skin among some members, "SSRG-like," had returned, with the approval of OrdosAlpha.


RetroHack was known for having downtime and this didn't help things. In May 2009, after persuasion from the staff, the site moved to hosting provided by voice but even then, there was still minimal activity. Several attempts to resurrect RetroHack failed and the users that stayed on board (mostly in the Family group) wanted to close down the site. After some reluctance from Sephiroth, who wanted the site to still exist, PsychoSk8r closed down the website and replaced it with a notice. PsychoSk8r still used the domain for his personal use.

RetroHack 2.0

FaceBook page that was hinting the revival of RetroHack

As of 23th of May 2011, RetroHack was resurrected as RetroHack 2.0, sporting a new design with bits from old designs. The site opening was accompanied with a 30 Day Project: Revisited trailer and a few tutorials.

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