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The Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor, R.O.C.C. for short, is a device referred to in the early Sonic the Hedgehog promotional comic. It was created by Dr. Ovi Kintobor, who later became known as the more familiar Dr. Robotnik. The R.O.C.C. was built to attract and contain the chaotic energies of Mobius into the 6 Chaos Emeralds which, when destroyed, will eradicate evil from the planet.

Also within the R.O.C.C. are Containment Rings. When R.O.C.C. explodes it scatters not only the Chaos Emeralds, but its Containment Rings as well. These are the Rings that have been collected in the games since Sonic the Hedgehog.



The elderly Dr. Kintobor had worked to create the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor with good intentions. He wanted to rid the planet Mobius from all evil with the destruction of the Chaos Emeralds. The device attracted all forces of evil on Sonic's planet. One day, the doctor asked Sonic to get him a hardboiled egg while he was hungry. At this point, he was trying to find a way to stabilize the Emeralds in the R.O.C.C. until he could find a Grey Emerald, which could neutralize evil. However, a malfunction occurred, the resulting explosion of the R.O.C.C. scattered the containment rings everywhere. Dr. Kintobor was zapped with over ten thousand volts of pure evil energy, transforming him from the kind scientist into the rotund Dr. Robotnik.

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