President's aide

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President's aide
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (anime)

President's aide is an elderly man who works for the President in the Sonic OVA. He is the only other human character apart from Sara and the President in the film. He appears very briefly in only one scene.

In the Japanese version he is voiced by Akimitsu Takase.


When Hyper Metal Sonic starts to attack the city, a reporter to the President announces through live video that Green Lake city has been flooded, Forest Town has caught fire and that they have discovered the source of the destruction. After viewing the footage, which contained an eerily hedgehog-shaped silhouette, the President commands his aide to contact Sonic's house immediately to get to the bottom of the situation. The President's aide says, "Yes, sir," the scene ends and and we are shown Knuckles and Tails receiving the call. The President's aide is never seen again in the rest of the film.


US and JP Differences

  • In the English dub, a mistake was made and instead of the reporter being the one who explains the discovery of the source of the destruction, the line went to the President's aide, effectively giving him a slightly larger role than the character's Japanese counterpart.