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The symbol for the Power Type in Sonic Heroes.

The Power Type (パワータイプ)Media:SonicHeroes PS2 JP manual.pdf[1] is a character classification first implemented in Sonic Heroes and then used in later games. The theme color for the Power Type class is red in honor of the most notable member, Knuckles the Echidna.


In Sonic Heroes, the assigned element for the Power Type is fire. Their main purpose is destruction of either enemies or obstacles that might be in the way. They are also the only characters that can break the steel cage that holds the secret key in it that leads to the Special Stage. Unlike the other two types, Power Type characters can destroy any enemy. They attack by transforming their teammates into fire balls and throwing them at enemies.

In Sonic Advance 3, a team is designated as a Power Type team if Sonic is not present, but Knuckles is. This type of team gains powerful attacks that are capable of destroying stronger barriers to reach new routes.

Power Type characters are the only characters that can destroy road obstructions in Sonic Riders. Though, there are special Extreme Gear that grant other types power. In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, power is not dependent on the character but on the Gear that is used. Air Bikes and Wheels are the only Gears that can destroy obstructions. Because of this, Dr. Eggman can only be a Power Type as these are the only kinds of Gear he can ride.

In Sonic Free Riders, power is dependent on both the equipped part, and the character's boarding stance. In story missions, Power Type characters will have the Power skill set as the primary part. For instance, Knuckles can use the Power skill as long as he is in the regular stance. If he switches to "goofy", he will be unable to use the Power skill and will instead use whatever secondary skill he has equipped. Any bike rider in the game is automatically given the Power Skill, but unlike previous Riders titles, other skills can be equipped.

Power is also a distinctive class in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and its sequels.

In Sonic Runners, Power Type characters could perform a mid-air forward dash that was capable of destroying black-coloured super Badniks. While all levels in the game could be played with any character, Lava Mountain was better suited for Power Types. Some equippable Buddies were also designated with the Power Type, and would have an enhanced effect when equipped by Power Type characters.

In Team Sonic Racing, Power Type characters have the best boost and defense out of all the characters and can smash through hazards on the track without spinning out, earning bonus Rings for doing so. They also have exclusive access to the Pink and Violet Wisps.

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