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<forumuser name="Polygon Jim" /> Polygon Jim (formerly known as GrandMasterJimmy) was a former member of Sonic Retro. He joined under his old alias around the time of the unveiling of drx's 1,000 proto stash, although he had been in the scene over a year earlier under the name PeglegJimmy. He has since then hacked Sonic Adventure and discovered the unused Sky Chase Dragon. He also got himself banned but returned after the bans of several members were lifted. He also coined the term "assface Sonic" for the description of the US Genesis Sonic design. He died in a car accident on May 18, 2013, and, in his honor, Sonic Retro was temporarily renamed to Motobug Retro. Sonic Mania later paid homage to Jim, in the form of the Heavy Rider - the robot's Moto Bug ride jumps into the air similarly to the way it does in the Motobug in Sonic 1 ROM hack, which was created by him. In addition, the name of the motobug itself is "Jimmy".

Polygon Jim's short autobiography

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The End.