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Sandy Cressman

Sandy Cressman is a female vocalist in the band Pastiche, who performed Sonic Boom for the Sonic the Hedgehog CD US soundtrack.


A promotional photograph of Pastiche.

In 1992 Sandy started a solo career while still a member of Pastiche. In 1996 she began performing as a duo with Brazilian master keyboardist, Marcos Silva. In 1997 the duo expanded to a quintet before releasing their album "Homenagem Brasileira" in 1999. In fall of 2001 Sandy released a new album with Pastiche. A second brazilian music album was released by her in 2005, entitled "Brasil-Sempre no Coracao".

Sandy Cressman has also lent her vocal talents to the bands The Bay Area Allstar Salsa Band and Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra. In addition to this she has recorded jingles for popular brand such as Levi's Dockers, Haagen Dasz, Daihatsu, Nescafe, Lucky's, Isuzu, Reader's Digest, Delta Airlines. She has also composed soundtracks for the films "Spy Kids", "Mimic" and "Shimmer".

Pastiche Release List

  • That’s R&Bebop (Pony/Canyon/Nova)
  • Remember That (BluePrint)
  • Pastiche (Summit)

Other Musical Contributions

  • Columna B — Cuba Without Borders
  • Michael Spiro-- Bata Mbira
  • Consuelo Luz — Dezeo
  • Marion Meadows - -Next to You (Heads Up Records)
  • Tom Grant — Tune In (Windham Hill Records)
  • Ray Obiedo — Sweet Summer Days, Sticks and Stones, Iguana(Windham Hill Records) and Modern World (Domo Records)
  • Pete Escovedo — Flying South (Concord Crossover Records)
  • Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra--Live: Kirtan and Pagan Mixes and Mondo Rama (Narada Records)
  • Eddie Money — Can’t Hold Back (CBS Records)
  • Neal Schon — Late Nite (CBS Records)
  • Candela — Madre Rumba Padre Son (PanCaliente Records) and Ilusiones (Orfeo Records, Uruguay)
  • Damien — Intercambio (Good Omen Records)
  • Prince Ayo — Dancing to Africa (Polygram Nigeria)
  • Music for Little People--numerous children’s recordings


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