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The Paradox Prism is an item in the animated series Sonic Prime. It is an important stone Dr. Eggman is after. When he attempts to take it for himself he encounters Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. In their following battle the crystal is shattered and Sonic is sent into a different dimension in the Shatterverse.


The Paradox Prism was created to serve the role of the Chaos Emeralds without contradicting the established continuity, while allowing for new creative freedom to be explored in expanding the Sonic universe.[1]


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The Paradox Prism was buried within Green Hill for years. Rouge the Bat had been following the rumors surrounding it, but it wasn't found until Dr. Eggman used Sonic to find it by hiding a speed amplifier inside his Eggcrusher, which caused a fault line, partially breaking the mountain where the Paradox Prism lies. The doctor then uses his Badniks to try and dig it up, however, Sonic shows up with his friends to try and stop him. In the ensuing battle, the prism is broken by Sonic and the Shatterverse is created as a result. Now the prism is broken into multiple pieces in different spaces.[2]

When attempting to reconstruct the Paradox Prism, Tails Nine uses its energy to transform Sonic into Shatter Sonic. Afterwards, Nine took the Prism for himself as he believed Sonic didn't care about him.[3] Nine started using the power of the Prism to build a fortress inside of the Grim. He then used the Prism to create Grim robot versions of Sonic and all of his friends.[4] The Chaos Council teamed up with Sonic to stop Nine from destroying reality with the Prism.[5] Reality began falling apart as Nine used more Prismatic energy.[6] Sonic showed him that he was wrong to abuse the Paradox Prism. The two of them then worked together to stabilize the Shatterverse and recreate Sonic's world. The Paradox Prism was then returned to the cave in Green Hill where it came from, before Shadow used Chaos Control to teleport the Prism away from Dr. Eggman.[7]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash

During the game's Sonic Prime event you could collect prism shards on the track to unlock Boscage Maze Sonic and Tails Nine.

Sonic Speed Simulator

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