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Nova is an English scener of long standing in the community. He is currently site staff on Sonic Retro, as well as a former regular on Sonic Spin, former admin on Sonic Hot Dimensions and CulT Family at Sonic CulT. While possessing next-to no technical ability and relatively little research history, he is quite content to join in with most discussions and debates in the more general sections of said forums.


Nova's first foray into the Sonic scene was in 2001, in a somewhat unknown venture; producing sprite comics for his Fireball20xl-inspired site, Omegacomics, under the name Omega. He particularly focused on Sonic-related characters and settings however his first character was an anime-esque human with brown spiky hair and a white trenchcoat. He was also a regular member at the Gamewinners 'Sonic Series' forums. After looking into his favourite artist at the time, Elmatto, he discovered deviantART.


Joining deviantART in October 2003 under the name Omegacomics, Nova began to upload fanart of Sonic The Hedgehog characters and redesigned his fancharacter to be more in keeping with the Sonic style. After striking up several long-lasting friendships, he eventually joined Sonic CulT through Stiv in December 2003. At one point, he left deviantART but rejoined in 2007 as NovaUK (and has sinced changed username again to omgNova). He also became friends with Purity/Becky at one point and was a moderator (and at one time, admin) at Sonic Hot Dimensions.

Sonic CulT

Joining Sonic CulT in late 2003, Nova soon found that he didn't fit with the ethos of the CulT and was quickly banned. He rejoined in 2005 as Gutrot and was generally liked, but was then banned a second time in 2006. During the time he was known as Gutrot, he joined Sonic Spin under the 'Nova' moniker. He would eventually rejoin Sonic CulT a few months prior to it's re-branding as X-CulT and was eventually promoted to CulT Family status by PACHUKA soon after.

Sonic Spin

Sonic Spin was Nova's first real 'home' within the Sonic community after joining in December 2005. Instantly fitting in and striking up friendships with the majority of the regulars there, he became well-known quickly and was accepted as one of the core members of the site. After David abandoned the forums in 2006 without an explanation, Nova - lacking a home - rejoined Sonic CulT, though this time, to stay. Sonic Spin did briefly come back online in early 2008, under the ownership of former administrator Jen and her then-fiancé Orengefox and Nova returned to the forums and posted infrequently until they eventually closed doors in late 2008.

Sonic Retro

Due to the closure of Sonic Spin and the decline in activity on CulT, Nova migrated to Sonic Retro in late 2008 where he became and is still a regular poster on the forums. He is also an active user of the IRC channel and is on friendly terms with several members of the site's staff and is one of the regular attendees at the Retro UK Barcade runs.


Nova spends most of his time in the CulT and Retro IRC channels discussing just about anything. He is generally in good stead on all of the forums he frequents and doesn't really get too involved in any inter-user drama. He became CulT Family in late 2008 and is a channel operator on #cult.
Nova has been a regular attendee at the Summer of Sonic fan-summit for all six years it's been running (2008-2013). He is also a regular at the Retro UK Barcade meet-ups, often organizing them, and sporadically attends the Sonic London meet-up and as such, will most likely be attending any future UK-based events where Retro members may be found.
Nova was promoted to site staff in February 2015. We have yet to see what kind of twaddle he'll stuff up the front page with.


Nova has gone by several different aliases during his time in the community, including:

  • Omega/Omegacomics
  • Gutrot

Where Nova is not available, he uses omgNova primarily.