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<forumuser name="Nicogens" /> Nicogens (Also know as Nikosaru) is a member of the Sonic scene from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a member of many message boards in the scene including Sonic Retro, and SSRG.

He is currently working on a ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog, called Sonic 1 Overhauled; he is also learning how to play the piano.


In 2006, Nicogens was looking for cheats for Sonic 2 when he found a site named The Sonic 2 Beta Page. From there, he downloaded the Sonic 2 Beta ROM, and he found another site named Hacking CulT, where he downloaded many hacks (some of them: Sonic - The Lost Land, South Island Adventure, and more). Impressed by these hacks, he downloaded several programs, and he began to make a hack of Sonic 1.

Then, he decided to register at the S2B forums, but he couldn't get through the test (due to his poor English). As a result, he decided to go to another site named The Glowing Bridge, in which he registered but never made any posts. After that, he registered at The Sonic Stadium, where he didn't make any posts either.

A while after that, in 2008, he decided to register at Sonic Retro, but he had troubles with the validation topic, so he decided to register at the SSRG. Some time later, he was made a Trial Member on Sonic Retro once Tweaker considered him fit enough to be able to post normally. He would complete his Trial Membership without much fuss, and has been a regular poster on the forums ever since.

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