New Yoke City

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New Yoke City.

New Yoke City[1] is a metropolis built on South Island by the Chaos Council in an alternate universe within the Shatterverse.


New Yoke City is a mechanized version of Green Hill filled with smog.[2]


Rouge and Knuckles were in Green Hill when trees started being cleared out by robots built by the Chaos Council. They tried to fight the robot invaders but were no match. The two of them form an alliance to fight the council and save Green Hill.[3] Time passed, a young Miles Prower was picked on by creeps in New Yoke. He was bullied for years because of his extra tail. To defend himself, he built extra robotic pairs of tails and started calling himself Nine.[4]

Game appearances

Sonic Speed Simulator

New Yoke City appears in the game as a world filled with quests and time trials to unlock the Sonic Prime Sonic the Hedgehog skin along with Renegade Knucks and Rebel Rouge.[5]

Sonic Prime Dash

A New Yoke City level was added to Sonic Prime Dash along with a boss battle against Dr. Babble.[6]