N'rrgal Queen

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The Queen in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Chapter 8

The N'rrgal Queen is the leader of the N'rrgal, one of the Twilight Cage races encountered by Sonic and friends during the second act of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Not an independent entity in her own right, the Queen is a kind of emergent, hive-mind intelligence for the entire N'rrgal species. In the same way that N'rrgal worker drones can combine together to form resilient N'rrgal warriors, enough of them fusing into one being allows them to manifest the Queen, a highly intelligent overmind who can utilise the knowledge of all her constituent drones.

During Chapter 8 of Sonic Chronicles, the N'rrgal Queen compels Sonic and his friends to travel to the Zoah Colony world and sabotage the Zoah superweapon. She later appears at the Twilight Conference on the Kron Colony, and agrees to assist in the assault on the Nocturne.