Mr. Tinker

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Mr. Tinker
First seen: Sonic the Hedgehog #5 (2018)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Base character: Dr. Eggman
Used in: Comics
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)
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Mr. Tinker is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing. He was an alter-ego that Dr. Eggman had taken up after having contracted amnesia from a previous defeat. He is the father of Belle the Tinkerer.

Personality and traits


After the Eggman War, Dr. Eggman appeared in Windmill Village where he took up a new identity for himself. He started going by Mr. Tinker, he has lost his memories and can’t remember his real name. He found himself locked up in this village. The next day, he broke out just to reinforce his own cell. He was questioned and tested for days, never once showing signs of returning to his old ways. The village eventually took him in. In return, he repaired anything brought to him.[1] Mr. Tinker created a wooden puppet to help fix the toys and the rides he made for the children. Her name is Belle the Tinkerer and he considered her to be his daughter.[2]

The Chaotix received an anonymous tip from Rouge that led them to Windmill Village where they found Mr. Tinker. The Chaotix thoroughly interrogated him and observed him for a couple of days to confirm he remembers nothing. Charmy quickly became friends with Mr. Tinker and the other kids of the village. Espio took Sonic to Windmill Village where Mr. Tinker is. Sonic was surprised to see what Dr. Eggman had become but accepted that Mr. Tinker is not Eggman.[1]

After using the Warp Topaz to locate Robotnik, Dr. Starline began to work to turn Mr. Tinker back to Dr. Eggman. He sprung Rough and Tumble out of jail so they can fetch Mr. Tinker for him, and in return he would give them weapons to use in revenge against Sonic. Rough and Tumble visited Mr. Tinker while he was singing a song to children. The kids playing around watched as the two skunks took their friend away.[3]

In Final Egg, Rough and Tumble strapped Mr. Tinker to a machine. Here Tinker met Dr. Starline, who intended to restore Tinker back to being Dr. Eggman. He activated the procedure, administering neuro-stimulants and aggressive hypnotherapy to get Eggman back to his old senses.[4]

Dr. Starline finished the third session on Dr. Eggman but he still is Mr. Tinker. Tinker built a Motobug that can make topiary, and it secretly had a message for his daughter Belle inside.[5] Metal Sonic showed up here at Final Egg, which triggered some flashbacks for Mr. Tinker. He is now Dr. Eggman once again and he hates the outfit Mr. Tinker was wearing.[6]


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