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SCR robots in the MeteorTech factory.
The Crimson Tower being destroyed.
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Meteor Tech (sometimes written MeteorTech or MeteoTech) is a leading security company which features heavily in the plot of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Meteor Tech manufactures robots (specifically the SCR-GP and SCR-HD models) in and around Monopole. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Meteor Tech is a shell corporation under the control of Doctor Eggman.


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Sometime ago, Eggman discovered one of the Arks of the Cosmos in a meteor crater out in the desert. Having still not learned his lesson from all the previous times he's tried to weaponise mysterious relics from the past, the Doctor wastes no time in meddling with this dubious Babylonian technology. After constructing the Crimson Tower facility right on top of the crater, Eggman installs a piece of the ARK within the tower's Mother Computer.

The fat scientist's plan to take over the world this time is much more subtle than his usual modus operandi. Establishing the MeteorTech Sparkworks in the futuristic nation of Monopole, Eggman uses the magic of capitalism to introduce a conquering army without anyone even realizing they've been invaded. By supplying the androids which the techno-city's economy requires, Eggman places himself in a position to capture the region via robotic coup while having its residents pay him for the privilege.

It's not so much Sonic that unravels Eggman's MeteorTech thread this game, but rather the descent from orbit of other Arks of the Cosmos. These pieces of alien technology co-opt Eggman's control of his Meteor Tech robots, sending SCR-HD on a quest to gather the Arks together and return them to Babylon Garden. Eggman's efforts to regain control of his own systems are thwarted by Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues after Security Corridor.

With Crimson Tower largely destroyed by the "lightless black" during the game's last story, and the company's legitimacy in tatters, it seems likely that Eggman abandoned his corporate subterfuge after Zero Gravity. Meteor Tech certainly hasn't been mentioned since.


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