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MetalSonicBoss SonicMania.png
Metal Sonic
Game: Sonic Mania
Level: Stardust Speedway Zone
Hits to defeat: 12 (total), 4 (second phase), 8 (third phase)

Metal Sonic is the sixth major boss fought in Sonic Mania, encountered at the end of Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2.

Defeat Strategy

The battle begins when the player discovers a Metal Sonic hologram similar to those found in Sonic CD. After destroying the hologram, the real Metal Sonic appears and initiates a race similar to Sonic CD's Stardust Speedway boss. During the race, Metal Sonic will try to disrupt the player using his signature attacks, including the Maximum Overdrive Attack and Ring Spark Field.

The race eventually leads to an industrial area where Metal Sonic interfaces with a gigantic Eggman-shaped machine, in a similar manner to the penultimate battle with Metal Sonic in Chaotix. This is the first phase of the battle where the player is able to damage Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic will occasionally fire balls of electricity towards the player in an attempt to damage them, while the machine he is interfaced with produces Silver Sonic Badniks, which resemble Mecha Sonic from the 8-bit version of Sonic 2. The Silver Sonic Badnik has three possible attack patterns: it will either attempt to attack the player with a Spin Dash, swipe at the player using their extendable claw arms, or dash forward using the jets on their boots until they hit the edge of the screen. If the player spins or jumps into one of these Badniks when it is performing a Spin Dash, it will ricochet around the arena, and will damage Metal Sonic if it makes contact; otherwise, it can be destroyed in a single hit like any other Badnik. Silver Sonic's rebound is stronger if the player is in a Super form, which can make hitting Metal Sonic more difficult.

Once Metal Sonic has been hit 4 times, he ejects from the machine and a second racing phase begins, following the same rules as the first. Eventually, the player will reach an area where the top of the giant Eggman statue in the background is visible, at which point the boss begins its final phase.

Pre Sonic Mania Plus

Metal Sonic appears to taunt the player once more, and a giant spiked wall assembles to the left of the screen. Once Metal Sonic begins moving to the right, the wall will follow, forcing the player to keep moving or be damaged by the spikes. Metal Sonic will continue to attempt to disrupt the player using his signature attacks; unlike the previous racing phases, however, Metal Sonic is now vulnerable after each of his attacks, and can be damaged with a spin attack.

Once Metal Sonic has been hit 8 further times, he is finally destroyed and the Capsule will float down from the sky, allowing the player to complete the Zone.

Post Sonic Mania Plus

Once Metal Sonic has been hit 8 further times, he is finally destroyed and the Capsule will float down from the sky, allowing the player to complete the Zone.

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