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Sonic Riders
Metal City

Metal City
First Heroes level, Sonic Riders
Level theme: urban
Played as: Sonic
Opponent: E-10000G
"Metal City" redirects here. For the Sonic Free Riders level, see Metal City (Free Riders)

Metal City is the first Hero-story racecourse in Sonic Riders, and thus the first available in the game's story mode (although the Babylon Rogues' Night Chase comes first chronologically). Taking place amidst the daytime hover-traffic of a flashy, futuristic metropolis, the course includes trucks and automobiles as obstacles. Metal City and Night Chase are together part of a larger urban center called "Future City" (as mentioned by Tails in Splash Canyon's cutscene).


The course is shown in the opening cutscene of the Story mode. In it Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are searching for the precious Chaos Emeralds in in the city at night. Tails notices that the Emerald Radar he invented has been jammed, and at that same moment, Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross appear. The Emerald Radar beeps like mad, and Tails realizes that Jet has the Chaos Emerald. Knuckles knocks Storm off his Extreme Gear airboard, and Sonic uses it to chase Jet and Wave, thus starting the Night Chase race in the Babylon Story. Jet wins in the race and uses the wake of his speed to send Sonic flying, along with the Storm's board. Tails notices a strange symbol embossed on the Babylonian Gear, before the Babylon Rogues escape.

The next day, Team Sonic are in Metal City, and Dr. Eggman appears on a monitor. Eggman announces a special race called the EX World Grand Prix, wherein the participants must race on Extreme Gear. Sonic wonders what Eggman's scheme is this time, but when Eggman announces the current participants to be the Babylon Rogues, the hedgehog with an attitude changes his mind and decides to enter!

Metal City serves as the heroes' first race in Eggman's tournament. In story mode, the stage pits Sonic against seven E-10000G robots.


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