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McDonalds Sonic LCD games

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Sonic passing out a Sonic Happy Meal.

McDonalds has had two separate promotions which made Sonic LCD games available with the purchase of a happy meal. These types of games normally sold for 10-20 dollars in earlier times but during the 2003 promotion McDonalds stated that the refinement of cell-phone technology led to the refinement of the production. This probably made this kind of toy more affordable to produce and be included as a happy meal toy. Although at this point of time there's probably few who would pay much for a toy of this type as the portables of the time had achieved SNES-level graphic and sound capabilities.

The first US promotion was from June 27 till July 24 in 2003. The second US promotion lasted from the 3rd of December till the 27th. As part of the second promotion 2,500 silver colored games were randomly included in place of the normal colored games. 25 of the customers that received this would be given a prize of large value while the remaining 2,475 winners would win a Sega game, which could be either Sonic Heroes or Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

This promotion may have been handled differently in other parts of the world. It is known that some places held off until 2005 to release the games. Some games were not include in these promotions and some were given different casings and some were also renamed. There were also different games released altogether.


2003 Promotional Games

2004 Promotional Games

US promotion

Sega Mini Video Games 2 Promotion

Promotional sign

This is a 2004 promotion that was equivalent to the US 2004 promotion. It is apparently the sequel to a Sega 1 promotion which was probably the name of the 2003 promotion in this region.

2005 Promotion

Sega Mini Video Games 3 Promotion

This promotion took place sometime in 2005. It included some games that were missing in the Sega 2 promotion but also included new ones.

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