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Man of the Year is a short Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon developed by TMS Entertainment. It appears within Sonic Jam.


The short starts by panning over to Dr. Eggman's hideout - an island covered in scrap metal with a statue of himself in the centre. Eggman, having just woke up, spots Sonic the Hedgehog in the paper, having just won the "Man of the Year" award. He rips up the paper and throws it at a TV screen where Sonic is on TV. Furious, Eggman takes his anger out on a stuffed Sonic toy, before coming up with a new idea.

The scene then changes to the city, where Eggman has created himself a Sonic costume, and begins to terrorise the residents to the theme of Sonic CD's Metallic Madness. After creating a mess, Sonic is then given the "Worst of the Year" award, and when the real Sonic the Hedgehog arrives, he is booed by the public as Eggman watches from above laughing.

The short ends on a cliffhanger, and has never officially been finished.

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