Lord Sidewinder

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Lord Sidewinder
First seen: Sonic the Comic #85 (1996)
Gender: Male
Series: Sonic the Comic

Lord Sidewinder is a character who appears in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic series. He is a powerful aristocrat and crime lord in the Special Zone who resides outside New Tek City with his subordinates Proctor Speckle (and his alter-ego Mr. Fry), Bio-Hazard and Lightmare, with intentions of conquering Planet Meridian.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

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Lord Sidewinder is introduced in issue #85 where he arrives at New Tek City's prison to bail out Sonic and bring him to his family residence, the reason being that he struck a deal with Super Sonic to help him conquer Planet Meridian. This turns out to be a false deal, as Super Sonic promptly blows up Sidewinder's residence. When the Chaotix Crew show up to assist Sonic, Lord Sidewinder decides to take advantage of the opportunity and order his minions to destroy the Chaotix. While Sonic was working with the Omni-Viewer to stop Super Sonic, Sidewinder and his minions escape.

Later, in issue #88, Sidewinder and his minions sneak their way into the Chaotix's headquarters via Lightmare's Box of Nightmares and Nack the Weasel's shrinking device, incapacitating the Chaotix in an attempt to capture Super Sonic. While fighting Sonic, Bio-Hazard accidentally drenches Lord Sidewinder in toxic waste, forcing the villains to retreat. Sidewinder also hired Nack to retrieve Super Sonic, which also fails.

Still determined to capture Super Sonic, Sidewinder descends into insanity believing he could control him with the power of his mind, and sees an opportunity when a second sun appears over New Tek City (actually the Black Asteroid heated to millions of degrees by Super Sonic) in issue #97, and uses a rocket to fly to the Black Asteroid. Lightmare desperately sought the help of the Chaotix to stop him, which they do.

Though he was jailed afterwards, Sidewinder escaped with his crew in issue #116, and sent Bio-Hazard to kidnap the now-amnesiac Super Sonic from Mobius, but was eventually tracked down by Lieutenant Furor and was arrested again.

Lord Sidewinder briefly returns in issue #130, where Dr. Robotnik, after having absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, has gained the ability to alter reality. As the Chaotix never existed in Robotnik's altered reality, Sidewinder was able to fully conquer the Special Zone, declaring himself "Overlord Sidewinder". However, he had an ulterior plan which he confided in Lightmare about - to steal Robotnik's power and conquer the universe. Overhearing this, Robotnik punished Sidewinder by turning him and his minions into stone as a warning to anyone else who may betray him.


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