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Jonny's Place
Current owner(s): Jonny Axehandle
Type of site: Message Board
Created on: October 6th, 2002
Current status: Online

Jonny's Place is undoubtedly the best website ever created. Its origins are filled with awe and mystery stretching back to 1996. Carrot Top, with his hit show Carrot Top's AM Mayhem coming to a close, was offered a new deal by Cartoon Network: his own comedy website on this crazy new thing called "The Internet". It was to be called "Carrot Top's Place", but Carrot Top turned it down. The project was shelved until October of 2002 when Jonny Axehandle assisted Yogi Bear in the fight against an army of Greed Monsters from space. This epic battle was won and Jonny, who bravely fought with a single axe, was given Carrot Top's Place as a reward. He re-named it "Jonny's Place" and gave it a Sonic theme.

Sometime in 2003, FlashTHD found a link to the board and advertised it on a number of places, such as Sonic Classic. This caused a large increase in members. Unfortunately, Dani (then Sonic Chaotix) was among them and what she did wasn't fresh linen! When she was banned, she re-joined and impersonated ThunderPX, who later joined as well and exposed him. Some time later, Flash did not have enough time to continue working on the site, so he gave his admin status to Thunder.

After a dip in popularity, Jonny's Place was going to fuse with ComiChaos, granting Flash new admin status. However, this merger was doomed to fail due to staff conflicts. Jonny moved the board to an Invision Power Board hosted on SmooveNET, and also gave it a .com domain and added a website. The site grew immensely until Jonny got fed up with SmooveNET's insanely bad customer service in late 2005 and moved to Hostgator. Sadly, the original post database was lost, and the board became a bit less active.

In late 2009, Jonny made a behind-closed-doors deal with President Barack Obama. The details of this deal have never been disclosed, but it ended with Jonny being given a demon-possessed satanic server. He has since moved the entirety of Jonny's Place from shared hosting to this server as well as begun to setup dedicated gaming servers on it.

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