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<forumuser name="Iron Sonic" /> Iron Sonic is a Tech Member, ROM hacker, and hardware researcher that mainly keeps to himself now. He has released the Mecha Sonic in Sonic 1 hack (that he despises), left the community for awhile, came back, hacked together Sonic 1 Mode 1 (a hack that takes advantage of the little-known Mode 1 of the Sega Mega-CD) during a Skype call in 7 hours with theocas, left again after the fallout over a misunderstanding (which he now wishes had never happened), and now currently works on whatever fancies his interest at the time while coordinating Team Evanesco and continuing with research on the MD, MCD, and 32x. Oh, and maintaining the MD Wiki with theocas and some others. And occasionally lurking in the shadows. And making fun of Retro's meager VDP documentation while being too lazy to fix it himself because he has a wiki of his own to work on.

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