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Ice Cap
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Ice Cap
Ninth course, Sonic Drift 2
Level theme: winter
Rainy Savanna | Mystic Cave
For the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 level, see IceCap Zone. For the Sonic Adventure level, see Ice Cap.

Ice Cap appears as a racecourse in Sonic Drift 2 for the Sega Game Gear. This stage is the third track of the White Chaos GP (White being the intermediate of the three available tournaments), coming after Rainy Savanna and before Hill Top.

The course is fairly straightforwards, with only tinted ice to slow you down if you stray off the track (as opposed to the yawning bottomless pits which grace some of the courses). Giant snowflakes scattered on the road are as evanescent as you would expect, and don't even slow you down if you plough into them. Ice Cap also features massive snow banks on the outside of some corners, which Sonic and company can drive up. As with most other races in the Chaos Grand Prix, you have to complete three laps of the track to proceed, and the fastest racer gets a Chaos Emerald.

Chaos GP Map Power-ups
Rings Spring Star Reverse Ball Monitors
Red Blue Yellow Black
White Drift 2 icecap.png 12 3


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