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Category: Multi-purpose editor
Version: 1
Status: Active
Supported Games: Sonic Heroes
Credits: igorseabra4

HeroesTweaker is a creatively named program to edit certain data in the Tsonic_win.exe file, in the PC version of Sonic Heroes. It was written by igorseabra4 in Visual Basic .NET.


As of Release 1, the program has the following features:

  • Mission Editor can edit the objectives of Extra Missions for all teams and all of Team Chaotix's missions.
  • Resolution Editor can edit the internal resolutions of the EXE. See the "Aspect Ratio" section in EXE Editing page for information on changing the internal aspect ratio from 4:3 to something different (like 16:9 or 21:9 widescreen) based on the internal resolution.
  • Spline Editor can view, import and export splines (as .OBJ files), which make up paths such as rails and loops. Not all levels are available since not all pointers have been found. Imported splines must be the same amount of points as the original.
  • Start/Ending Position Editor can edit starting positions for all 1P and 2P levels, as well as ending (victory animation) positions and bragging positions (the place where the teams make a comment to each other before the match) for 2P levels.

Planned Features

Everything that's in the EXE Editing page including it's subpages and maybe some more.


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Current version: Release 1