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The MediaWiki software employs a series of keyboard shortcuts in order to enable users to perform most of the common editing operations without using alternate input devices (i.e. by only using the keyboard). Users may access these shortcuts by holding the ALT key plus the appropriate character (on Windows machines), or by holding the CTRL key plus the character (on Macintosh systems).

Function Key
Add section +
Anonymous talk n
Anonymous user page . (period)
View article a
Compare selected versions v
Contributions  ?
Current events  ?
Delete d
Edit e
E-mail user  ?
Help  ?
History h
Login o
Logout o
Main Page z
Minor edit i
Move m
My contributions y
My talk n
Portal  ?
Preferences  ?
Preview p
Protect =
Random page x
Recent changes r
Recent changes linked c
Save s
Search f
Site support  ?
Special pages  ?
Talk t
Undelete d
Unwatch w
Upload u
User page . (period)
View source e
Watch w
Watchlist l
What links here b